Manchester Airport in the Community

Manchester Airport has developed a strong partnership with the local communities neighbouring the site. Key to our success has been our public commitment to community programmes and to maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with our neighbours. Find out more about Manchester Airport's commitment to building on our past success, with the intent of making our immediate community a key part of any future success going forward.

For an overview of our work of the last year please see our 2022-2023 Corporate Social Responsibility Report and see our Spring Community News for seasonal updates. If you would like to receive our newsletter direct to your inbox please click here.

In celebration of our 80th Birthday Manchester Airport has produced its own children’s book; called “Reach For The Sky”. The book, aimed at Primary School children, tells an enchanting story about travel, determination and achieving your dreams. We published 5,000 and these have been distributed to support children’s reading across our catchment area.

Learn about our School Eco-Garden Competition.

Although the positive effects of our operation are felt across the region/United Kingdom; there are a number of issues we have to manage to ensure our neighbours are not too disturbed by the noise and road traffic that come with our success.

Airspace and Operations

The airspace immediately above/around the site is controlled from Manchester Airport. As aircraft pass above or away from this airspace they are controlled from the Prestwick Air Traffic Control Centre in Scotland.

Short term changes to operations and developments across our site

Sometimes we need to improve, upgrade or maintain our site. Here we outline the details and how this may affect aircraft operations and/or road traffic flows around the Airport.

Runway Data Sheet

We have produced a series of Data Sheets and video clips that explain our operations and experience of aircraft operations in previous years.

Runway Closures

Each year maintenance works are required to maintain Runway 1, the most used runway, and its adjoining taxiways.

Dual Runway Use

Find out more about changes to Manchester Airport's use of its two runways.

Investigating or reporting a disturbance with WebTrak

If an aircraft made too much noise or flown 'Off Track', we will investigate further.

Community Outreach Events

We hold regular Community Outreach 'surgeries' across the area, giving residents the opportunity to raise queries and ask questions face-to-face with members of our Community Relations Team.

Sound Insulation Grant Scheme

The Sound Insulation Grant Scheme provides financial assistance towards the installation of sound-proof glazing in the areas most affected by aircraft noise.

Home Relocation Assistance Scheme

The Home Relocation Assistance Scheme is intended to benefit local residents who have lived near the Airport for many years and wish to move to an area less affected by aircraft noise.

Measuring our success

On an ongoing basis we independently review our impact in the local communities. We survey three areas around our site. 

At Manchester Airport, we have a long history of working active partnership with our local communities, helping share the benefits of our success. We now focus our community work on the areas closest to the airport, highlighting how our Social Responsibility activities are at the heart of our business, where we embrace the opportunities that they provide to develop our own colleagues.

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Airport Academy

A highly successful employment and training programme designed to assist unemployed residents back into work.

Community Trust Fund

The Manchester Airport Community Trust Fund is a registered charity and was established to promote, enhance, improve and protect both the natural and built environment in our local community.

Community Champions

We have established a network of Community Champions right across our business, encouraging members of our teams to get involved in volunteering in local projects.

Airport Community Network

We work closely with service partners onsite and together have developed an Airport Community Network to coordinate and support our work in the community.

Business Working with Wythenshawe

BW3 is an alliance of companies who are based in Wythenshawe or who have special affinity to the area.

Business Support Group

Working with the Longridge & Shaw Heath (Knutsford) Business Support Group.

Sponsoring the arts

Manchester Airports Group is committed to investing in the arts and enriching the arts and culture in the regions in which it operates.


Find out about how we support local children's charity, Childflight.

Education and AeroZone

Inspiring the next generation of aviation professionals.

The Manchester Airport Consultative Committee comprises 32 members representing local authorities, amenity groups and user groups.

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We try to reduce the impact of airport operations on the environment and on communities around us.  We have pro-active strategies and plans, including our Noise Action Plan and Night Noise Policy.

Emissions Information

More information about our initiatives and performance with regards to emissions.

Environmental Management

Policies for environmental management at Manchester Airport.