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Dual Runway Use

Find out more about changes to Manchester Airport's use of its two runways

Dual runway use

How we operate

Manchester Airport has two runways. We currently use both runways during the day time, but planning permission does not allow us to use Runway 2 between 10pm and 6am, unless we are doing maintenance on Runway 1 or there is an emergency.

Communities asked us to keep the use of both runways at the same time to a minimum. Since Runway 2 opened we have been able to restrict our opening in the middle of the day and at the weekends. As our movement numbers have increased over recent years, we  need to change our hours for dual runway use to meet the needs of our business. Hours will increase from April to the hours listed by July 2018. 

We have produced a datasheet that explains these changes in more detail and we have used a presentation  to describe the changes to Councillors that we have met.

Why are we making these changes?

Our business is growing; in the last 12 months we have had more than 27 million passengers with larger aircraft and more flights. The changes will bring about more efficient operations, benefitting airlines and passengers by reducing delays, and offer us opportunities to bring down time when aircraft taxi, therefore reducing ground noise and emissions. 

How will this affect me?

We do recognise that these changes will have a detrimental effect on some communities that are over-flown by aircraft both landing and departing from Runway 2. Depending on where you live there may be no change, or less or more aircraft. To help you to understand this we have provided a range of information and opportunities to learn more: 

  • Our Dual Runway data sheet.
  • We held eight Community Outreach sessions in Knutsford, Mobberley, High Legh, Lach Dennis, Plumley, Styal and Ollerton/Marthall. These provided 36 hours of availability; 12 outisde the standard working day. -There was (and is) also the option to see us at Knutsford Library where we Outreach on a Tuesday.
  • We have created a dedicated email address for this change Queries to this address were answered by a team with particular knowledge about the change. 
  • You can telephone our Community Relations Team on Freephone 08000 967 967 to speak to somebody during the day, and there is an answerphone out of normal office hours.
  • Manchester Airport has an Environmental Health Officers Group representing areas around our site. We have presented  to this group and kept them informed about our communications plan.
  • We have talked to your local Councillors and presented at the following Parish and Town Council meetings: 
    • Lach Dennis -13 September 2017
    • Mobberley –2 October 2017
    • Styal  –2 October 2017
    • Plumley, Toft and Bexton –4 October 2017
    • Knutsford –9 October 2017
    • Wilmslow –16 October 2017
    • Over Peover –24 October 2017
    • Lostock Gralam –6 November 2017
    • Lower Peover -8 November 2017
    • Chelford -9 November 2017
    • Tabley –13 November 2017

How do I know that you are giving me accurate information?

It is important to us that those communities affected by our operations can trust the information we give them. For this reason we asked Steve Wilkinson, Chair of the Manchester Airport Consultative Committee, to Chair a Stakeholder Reference Group. Find out more about the Committee by clicking here. This group have overseen the way that we have provided information to communities, ensured the information is accurate and that we are available to answer queries. Members include:

  • Chair of the Technical Advisory Group (MACC)
  • Cheshire East – MACC/TAG representative 
  • Environmental Health Officer Cheshire East 
  • Airline Operators Committee representative 
  • Senior Pilot from a Manchester-based airline
  • Air Traffic Control – as required for technical support 

 Minutes of meetings: