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Where to park if you’ve not pre-booked your space

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Travelling to Manchester Airport by car

Parking on the day

You can find Turn Up and Park options at the T1 Short Stay, T3 and T2 West Multi Storey Long Stay (‘T2 West’) car parks.

However, with limited availability, spaces cannot be guaranteed. It is strongly recommended that if you intend to park your vehicle for a holiday, break or trip, you pre-book when possible to ensure a space and get the best short stay prices, especially during peak periods. Please note, if you intend to use the turn up and park facilities for pick up or drop off, you do not need to pre-book.

Tariffs and Terms and Conditions are available at the entry points of the Multi Storey Car Parks.

The original Long Stay car parks serving the airport have now closed. Our Drop & Go car park is available for all terminals.

Picking someone up

If you are collecting someone, you’ll find an arrivals (pick up) car park serving each terminal.

  • T1 Pick Up zone is located in T1 Short Stay car park

  • T2 Pick Up zone is located on Level 0 of T2 West Multi Storey Car Park

  • T3 Pick Up zone is accessed through T3 Multi Storey Car Park

All car parks are also sign-posted from the terminals arrivals areas.

Turn up and park parking prices

Take a token from the entrance barrier.

You can make a payment at any of the automatic ticket machines in and around the terminal buildings.

Alternatively, as you exit insert your token into the barrier followed by a credit/debit card. Your card will be debited the correct amount and your receipt presented.

T1 Short Stay is now barrierless on entry with payment via cash machines or at the barrier. For the bestshort stay parking prices we recommend that you book in advance.

Car park prices

Multi-Storey Car Parks

  • Up to 30 mins = £6.00

  • Up to 1 hour = £12.00

  • Up to 2 hours = £20.00

  • Up to 4 hours = £30.00

  • Up to 24 hours and for each 24 hours thereafter (or part thereof) = £58.00.

NB T1 Multi-Storey Car Park and T2 East Multi-Storey Car Park are restricted to pre-booked customers only.

T1 Short Stay (Pick Up)

  • Up to 30 minutes = £6.00

  • Up to 1 hour = £12.00

  • Up to 2 hours = £20.00

  • Up to 4 hours = £30.00

  • Up to 24 hours and for each 24 hours thereafter (or part thereof) = £58.00 (no hourly rate available)

For stays over 24 hours, T1 short stay parking prices are cheaper if booked in advance.

T3 Arrivals (Pick Up) – accessed via T3 Multi Storey

(Max stay 2 hours)

  • Up to 30 minutes = £6.00

  • Up to 1 hour = £12.00

  • Up to 2 hours = £20.00

  • Anyone exceeding the 2-hour maximum stay will incur a £50 per day charge

Pre-book your parking space

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