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Community Trust Fund

The Manchester Airport Community Trust Fund is a registered charity and was established to promote, enhance, improve and protect both the natural and built environment in our local community.

Important notice from Manchester Airport Community Trust Fund

During this extraordinary and difficult time, we know community groups large and small will be challenged with the current COVID-19 and moved in ways that seemed unimaginable just weeks ago.

The Trustees at Manchester Airport Community Trust Fund would like to assure groups that our first priority is to continue to support people and communities through our funding in the best way we can.  We are happy to give you advice on the funding available from the MACTF if you would like to email us with a short query, we will contact you on our return in June. 

Our next meeting: 20th April 2020, will still be going ahead, so please be assured if you have made an application this will still be considered. Please note that Successful applicants will be contacted after the meeting and informed of the grant sum that they have been awarded.  However, payment to successful applicants may be delayed until June, so if awarded a grant please bare this in mind when placing orders with your suppliers.  

Further meetings for this year: Our meeting in July, will be postponed but will resume for our Autumn meeting in October.  You can make applications in the same way via our online application form, and the deadline will be 28th August 2020. 

We know that this means some groups will not be able to access our funding over the coming months due to these necessary changes, but we will endeavour to return to our published programme as soon as possible.

We would like you to keep talking to us, sharing your stories, and telling us what we can do differently to help your organisations. If we can, we will. Send your comments to

Kind regards,

CTF Trustees

Manchester Airport Community Trust Fund

Each year Manchester Airports Group contributes £100,000 to the Fund; any fines levied at aircraft that have breached our stringent noise limits are also paid into the Fund. These funds are then used to support neighbourhood and community projects throughout the area.

The Trustees award grants of a maximum of £3,000.

Please click on the link below to complete and submit your application online.

Complete the Community Trust Fund application here.


Our area

This covers an approximate 10-mile radius of the Airport, concentrating on the areas most exposed to aircraft noise - see a map showing the eligible zone.

How it works

Applications are considered four times a year by a board of Trustees from Manchester Airport and the local authorities of Stockport, Trafford, Manchester, Tameside, Cheshire East and Cheshire West Council. This means that with great local insight and expertise, the Trustees evaluate applications using their knowledge to ensure the greatest possible benefit goes to the community. For more information please see the Community Trust Fund Annual Report and the Community Review 2017/18.

Funding Criteria

The Community Trust Fund award grants to a maximum of £3,000. To be successful a group MUST:

  • Carry out positive work in the community and be of charitable nature and be ‘Not for Profit’ status.
  • Be Community, Socially or Environmentally focused
  • Based within the area of benefit

The Project should offer/be:

  • Improve, enhance, protect and conserve the natural and built environment; or offer heritage conservation;
  • or promote or advance social welfare;
  • or provide better appreciation of the natural and urban environment;
  • or create a safe habitat for flora and fauna.
  • Demonstrate lasting benefit to the community.
  • Benefit all members of the community regardless of race, gender or religion.
  • Be from an established group or charity able to demonstrate clear banking or financial records, and not an individual or commercial organisation working for profit.

Before applying please read our online process guidelines and you might like to read our Frequently Asked Questions. Projects must be for the benefit of the whole community, or a substantial section of it, and not groups of an exclusive nature.

See where UK Community Grants have been awarded grants since 1997.


Meeting Dates



8th  April 2019

17:00 hrs 22nd February 2019

15th July 2019

17:00 hrs 31st May 2019

13th October 2019

17:00 hrs 30th August 2019

13th January 2020

17:00 hrs 29th November 2019

20th April 2020

17:00 hrs 24th February 2020