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Community Outreach Events

Keeping in Touch

We are committed to staying in touch with our community.

To help provide the best possible service to the people who live in our neighbourhood, we hold regular Community Outreach 'surgeries' across the area, giving local residents the opportunity to raise queries and ask questions of members of our Community Relations Team.

Outreach Surgeries A weekly surgery is held every Tuesday*:

Knutsford Library 09.30 - 12.15 hrs Knutsford Library 13.15 - 17:00 hrs At Knutsford an extended evening session is held on the first Tuesday of every month 12:00-19:00 hrs.

*Please note if we are outreaching elsewhere (as listed below) we will not be at Knutsford Library. 

Mobile Outreach events

During 2018 we will be holding a series of Outreach events across Cheshire and Greater Manchester. Below we have listed the venues we will be attending in the spring/early summer; we will publish late summer/autumn dates later in 2018:

Thursday 8th February 2018 14:00-19:00 hrs Wythenshawe Early talent event
Forum Centre
Tuesday 10th April 2018* 13:00-17:00 hrs Plumley Plumleys Plant & Garden Centre
Wednesday 18th April 2018 16:00-18:00 hrs Heald Green Village Hall
Tuesday 24th April 2018* 14:00-18:30 hrs Cheadle Cheadle Library
Tuesday 12th June 2018* 16:00-18:00 hrs Bramhall Brookdale Club
Tuesday 19th June 2018* 08:30-17:00 hrs Tabley The Royal Cheshire Show
Wednesday 20th June 2018 08:30-17:00 hrs
Thursday 26th July 2018 16:00-18:00 hrs Mobberley Rajar Building

During 2017 we held 20 mobile outreach sessions across Cheshire and Greater Manchester; providing 87 hours of availability and representing an investment of 174 hours of our time. 


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