Airport Academy

A highly successful employment and training programme designed to assist unemployed residents back into work.

Opportunity for All

We want to build a future pipeline of talent to ensure that all local people – regardless of age, experience or skillset – have access to employment opportunities at our airport. Through our outreach and employment events, we seek to help people of all ages and levels pursue a career that is right for them.

Manchester Airport Academy

The Manchester Airport Academy is an employment hub for the airport and our business partners and is run in partnership with Trafford College. A one-stop shop for anyone interested in on-site vacancies, it provides free tailored training programmes to enable job-seekers to gain relevant skills and secure employment at the airport. The training programmes offer a unique opportunity to get onto the aviation industry employment ladder. Attendees learn the basics and the terminology needed to succeed at the airport, boosting their confidence when applying for a role. They also have access to current vacancies and receive unique support in applying for roles following the programme, including CV and mock interview workshops.

See our Academy website for full details and information about Manchester Airport Academy.

Opening times and contact details:

Monday to Friday: 08.00 – 16.30

Airport Academy
Upper Rail Station
Manchester Airport
M90 3RR

0161 489 3907

Airport Academy - Trafford College

Pure Innovations

For some people finding work is more difficult than others so we have teamed up with Pure Innovations. This is an organisation that helps people with learning disabilities and those returning to work after a long term health condition to find the right job and to keep that job.

For more information please contact:

0161 804 4400