Airport Academy

A highly successful employment and training programme designed to assist unemployed residents back into work.

Students of the Academy, who are all 16 or over, attend an Assessment Centre as their first step into working at Manchester Airport. Bespoke training is delivered by Trafford College Group (our training partner) to all candidates to up-skill individuals and provide valuable work experience. The combination of service delivered is essential in assisting residents to gain access to suitable vacancies at the Airport.

Once in work, students receive ongoing support and encouragement to develop their skills to ensure that their new working life is a rewarding one.

Airport Academy is a story of successful collaboration. While Manchester Airport has led the project, it has been made possible through high-level partnerships in the Airport Community Network.

For more information please see our the pages on the Trafford College Group website; our training partner.

Pure Innovations

For some people finding work is more difficult than others so we have teamed up with Pure Innovations.  This is an organisation that helps people with learning disabilities and those returning to work after a long term health condition to find the right job and to keep that job. In 2019 nine of the ten pupils graduated into paid work in our hotels, shops and directly for Manchester Airport. A total of 30 Graduates are now employed on our site you can see more in this video clip and find out more about Pure Innovations on their website