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Business Working with Wythenshawe (BW3) was formed in 2002 following a Seeing is Believing Visit, led by the Airport. BW3 is an alliance of companies who are based in Wythenshawe or who have special affinity to the area. Today there are 16 member companies. BW3 also draw on expertise and resources from other non member companies to deliver specific programmes.

 BW3 aims to support the social and economic regeneration of Wythenshawe through community involvement activities. BW3 has an agreed charter and works with a number of strategic and local agencies to address improvement in the following areas;

  • Employment
  • Education
  • Health
  • Crime
  • Capacity building for local community organisations

Our Membership

Lloyds Banking Group
Manchester Airports Group
Manchester City Council (Regeneration Team)
Manchester City Football Club (in the Community)
Manchester College
Navarro Poole
Open University
University Hospitals of South Manchester 
Rook Limited
Stratevista Limited
Tempo Marketing
Trafford Media
Wythenshawe Community Housing Group
Wythenshawe Community Media
Wythenshawe Forum Trust 

How do we agree what we will do?

Based on the feedback we receive from the Airport’s bi-annual community consultation and an internal review of our achievements, BW3 produces an action plan to meet the community needs. The calendar of activities acts as a framework and is often supplemented throughout the year as new project needs arise:-

April - June

High Flyer Community Enterprise Project – High School Numbers at Work - Primary School Job Search Skills - High School Greater Manchester Police MEA Visits NEET Prevention Support – High School.

July - September

Greater Manchester Police MEA Visits Numbers at Work - Primary School Job Search Skills - High SchooL.

October - December

Lone Parents Job Support Project Greater Manchester Police MEA Visits Numbers at Work - Primary School Job Search Skills - High School.

January - March

Greater Manchester Police MEA Visits Numbers at Work - Primary School Job Search Skills - High School Celebration/Promotion event.

Examples of some of the programmes are

Job Search Skills

Delivered once a term to secondary schools, offering a morning of guidance in CV preparation, researching for a job, interview techniques, how to present yourself for interview, role plays to observe and a chance to take part in a mock interview. Aimed at Year 10 students.

Comments from teachers Employer benefits
“What a great day it was, pupils and staff found it a very rewarding experience. They have talked about it afterwards and other pupils have asked if they could be involved next time.” WA Daron Headteacher St.Pauls High. Employers will benefit from young people who are better equipped to understand business needs, and who consider this when making key training and learning choices.
“Every single pupil came away a more confident and successful young person and will remember this day for a very long time. For many of our kids just to talk to adults they have never met before is an achievement.” Tony Hampson, Y10 Coordinator Parklands High School Employers will benefit from young people being better practised in speaking to unfamiliar adults.
All pupils have advised they are more aware of what they need to do to be successful in applying for a job Employers will receive a higher quality applicant who is more aware of what they are looking for in their future work force.

Numbers at Work

Delivered once a term to primary schools (Year 5), offering a morning of job related number solving problems, highlighting the important of numbers at work. The Airport host a ‘lets cargo session’ and Microsoft introduce ‘spreadsheets’ in a juicy data session to make the session work related.

Numbers at Work teachers comments Employer comments
“Thanks for a fantastic morning. The children thoroughly enjoyed it and were disappointed that it ended at lunch time! Numbers are a part of business life. We need people who are skilled with numbers in varying business environments
A really positive event which allowed the qualities of many children to shine through.” Cathy Sweeney St.John Fisher Catholic Primary School Activities like this allow all children the chance to excel – building confidence in themselves and their relationships with adults.
All 135 children advised they are more aware of why they learn maths and its importance to people in work Understanding what work is about encourages young people to want to engage in the world of work rather than to follow the family role models which are often 3rd and 4th generation unemployed.

Contact Details

To become a business member of BW3, please contact
Telephone: 0161 998 9411