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Sharing Benefits of Success

At Manchester Airport, we have a long history of working in close and active partnership with our local communities to help share the benefits of our success. Over the years, we have worked with many local organisations to enable everyone to benefit from our expertise and resources.

Community Strategy

Today, we focus our community work on the areas closest to the Airport and give priority to those with the greatest social and economic need. Our approach for working in the community in the next three years is set out in our Community Strategy 2015 to 2018.

Community Review

The Community Review 2016/2017 summarises how we work with our neighbouring communities and details some of the activities Airport staff have been involved in over the last twelve months. We hope that you will appreciate the wide range of activities we have developed. As you will find in the Review, over the last twelve months we have continued our work with our neighbouring communities and schools. Our intentions remain the same, to add value and create opportunity. Our Social Responsibility activities are at the core of our business and we embrace the opportunities that they provide to develop our own colleagues.

Manchester Airport Community Trust Fund

We encourage our colleagues to participate in community initiatives, particularly where they have the opportunity to share skills and learn new ones. We believe that support in kind is often more important than money and do not offer direct financial support, other than through the Manchester Airport Community Trust Fund.

Charities and schools in our community which do not qualify for funding from our Trust Fund may apply for prizes for fund-raising.

Virtual Jobs Fair

Virtual Jobs Fair

Manchester Airport's Jobs Fair has gone virtual! 

Take a look at the latest jobs available on site with some of our industry leading partners and apply online today.