Consultative Committee

Manchester Airport is committed to communicating with our users and neighbours.

Manchester Airport Consultative Committee

Manchester Airport has long recognised the benefits of dialogue with its users and neighbours and it was as far back as 1969 that it took steps to set-up up the Manchester Airport Consultative Committee (MACC).

The Committee operated very successfully in the years leading up to 1982 when the Government legislated to formalise consultation at Airports. In that year Parliament passed the Civil Aviation Act 1982 of which Section 35 provides as follows:

"(1) This section applies to any aerodrome which is designated for the purposes of this section by an Order made by the Secretary of State.

 (2) The person having the management of any aerodrome to which this section applies shall provide:

(a) for users of the aerodrome,

(b) for any local authority (or, if the person having the management of the aerodrome is a local authority, for any other local authority) in whose area the aerodrome or any part thereof is situated or whose area is in the neighbourhood of the aerodrome, and

(c) for any other organisation representing the interests of persons concerned with the locality in which the aerodrome is situated,

adequate facilities for consultation with respect to any matter concerning the management or administration of the aerodrome which affects their interests.”

Department for Transport Guidelines

Where an Airport (such as Manchester) is designated under these powers, the Department for Transport recommends the operator to establish an Airport Consultative Committee, which is independent of the airport’s management. The Department for Transport has published Guidelines for Consultative Committees, which were most recently updated in April 2014. These say that Consultative Committees should:

  • provide an opportunity for information exchange between the airport and interested parties;

  • provide a structured forum for discussion so as to make recommendations to the aerodrome management and other bodies when appropriate;

  • provide the opportunity to reach a common understanding between interested groups about the nature of aerodrome operation, thereby increasing the scope for issues to be resolved amicably. However, people interested in and affected by an aerodrome operation may have mutually inconsistent viewpoints and it is not realistic to expect that all matters of concern will be able to be resolved through discussion;

  • promote understanding about airport operations more widely, through dissemination of relevant information by committee members;

  • promote understanding by the airport operator of the nature of its impacts on local communities and businesses.

However, the Guidelines also make clear that a Consultative Committee should not –

  • detract from or constrain the responsibility of the airport owner and/or operator to manage the aerodrome;

  • prevent interested parties from raising concerns directly with the airport, or through other channels.

  • serve as a forum for the resolution of disputes; or

  • have any executive or decision-making power over the airport.

Liaison group of UK airport consultative committees

The DfT Guidelines for Consultative Committees can be seen on the website of the Liaison Group of UK Airport Consultative Committees which includes also more detailed information on the statutory background and roles of Consultative Committees. It also contains other helpful information and links to other relevant websites.

Terms of reference

The Manchester Airport Consultative Committee's Terms of Reference are to:

(i) advise Manchester Airport Plc on any matter which it may refer to the Committee;
(ii) consider any question in connection with the operation of the Airport as it affects the local communities, amenities and interests of the Region;
(iii) make suggestions to the Chief Executive and Board of Manchester Airport PLC on any matter connected with the administration of the Airport which could further the interests of users, local communities and the wider interests of the Region;
(iv) stimulate the interests of the local population in the development of the Airport; and
(v) protect and enhance the interests of the users of the Airport.


MACC draws its membership from Local Authorities (15 members); Amenity Groups (4 members); passengers and business users, and other groups representing Airport users, including disability representation, airport operations and staff, and independent bodies such as Which? and the National Trust (11 members). The Independent Chairman is appointed every four years by the Airport, and the Vice - Chairman is elected annually by the Committee from its membership.  These are currently Committee members totalling 36.

The MACC members represent:

  • Cheshire East Borough Council

  • Cheshire West and Chester Borough Council

  • Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council

  • Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council

  • Manchester City Council

  • Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council

  • Warrington Borough Council

  • The North West Region Chambers of Commerce Council

  • The North West Region of CBI

  • Airline Operators Committee

  • Airport Employees

  • Scheduling Committee

  • The Association of British Travel Agents

  • Heald Green and Long Lane Ratepayers Association

  • Wythenshawe Community Housing Group

  • Knutsford Town Council

  • Mobberley Parish Council

  • Mere Parish Council

  • Styal Parish Council

  • Passengers

  • Which?

  • National Trust


The meetings of MACC are normally attended by the Airport's Chief Operating Officer and other Airport staff who give reports on the many matters of interest to the Committee. These staff are not members of the Committee, which is also serviced independently by its Secretariat, and supported by an independent Environmental Adviser 

The full Committee meets quarterly, next meetings are listed below:

  • 19th July 2024

  • 18th October 2024

  • 24th January 2025

  • 25th April 2025

There are also two sub-committees that also meet quarterly:

  • The Technical Advisory Group - focuses on the external ‘face’ of the Airport, covering ground transport, environmental controls and policy, airline performance and airfield operations issues.

  • The Airport Users Advisory Group - is responsible for advising on matters involving the operation of the terminals and passenger facilities.

We are in a process of transition to a new secretariat. For the time being please contact with any queries.

Papers from meetings

Meeting agenda and papers are published here after each meeting along with the approved minutes to the previous meeting. Among the papers considered by the Committee are reports by the Airport on matters of interest to the community, for example:

  • Results of environmental monitoring and impacts, particularly aircraft noise and track keeping.

  • A report from the Managing Director covering current issues.

  • Community Relations including community complaints data

  • Development proposals.

  • Progress reports on environmental management initiatives.

  • Traffic statistics and passenger numbers.

  • Reports on topical issues, many of which are requested by the Committee.

Please use these links to see the agendas and minutes of recent meetings. If you wish to see agendas/minutes of previous meetings please email