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Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines flights usually depart from Terminal 2 at Manchester Airport. Although, as of September 2nd at 00:01, all Singapore Airlines flights will now depart from Terminal 1 until further notice.

Singapore Airlines Manchester Airport Terminal

If you're flying with Singapore Airlines, you'll depart from Terminal 1 at Manchester Airport. Terminal 1 is home to a fantastic range of shops and restaurants, plus the inviting Escape Lounge. For the ultimate way to depart from Manchester Airport on Singapore Airlines, try PremiAir - our elegant new private terminal that's available to Singapore Airlines guests in all classes travelling to Asia.

Singapore Airlines destinations

You can fly on Singapore Airlines to Singapore in south-east Asia and to Houston in Texas, USA. If you're off to Singapore, you can expect the 6800-mile trip to take around 14.5 hours from the North's most dynamic city to the vibrant Asian city-state. Once you're there, don't miss the view from the top of Singapore's iconic Marina Bay Sands hotel, or relaxing with a Singapore Sling cocktail at the legendary Raffles hotel.