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Travelling with Children

Make your journey as smooth as possible if you're travelling with babies, toddlers or children

Travelling with Children

Travelling with children

Contact your airline

Contact your airline in advance to see what they offer onboard for children, such as sky cots, baby food, toddler meals and children's entertainment. Ask whether you can reserve seats in advance, so you can guarantee that you are all flying together as a family. If you can, book a flight that's not likely to be full. You may get an empty seat next to you or even a free row. To avoid accentuating tiredness, try and fly during reasonable daytime hours, so that your children’s daily routine isn’t disrupted too much.

Where you can take your buggy

We know that you need your child’s buggy until you board the plane, so you can take it right through security to the departure gate, where airline staff will take it from you and return it to you at your destination.

Baby changing facilities

Baby changing facilities can be found across all three terminals, either inside or nearby the ladies' toilets. Our baby changing facilities include chairs to make breastfeeding easier. Manchester Airport is also delighted to be trialling a new breastfeeding facility for nursing mothers in Terminal 1. Manchester Airport promotes feeding across our site and we do not restrict where this can take place. However, if a nursing mother would prefer a quieter and/or more private area, they can make use of this relaxing and comfortable facility. There is a baby change facility nearby and food warming facilities are available within the restaurants.

Lone parents

Contact your airline for support when travelling as a lone parent and for advice on what items can be taken onboard the aircraft such as booster seats or buggies and policies for unaccompanied minors.

Baby milk pre-order service

If your child needs medication while you are at the airport or if you need ready-to-drink infant milk for your holiday, you can pre-order it before you travel and collect it from Boots after security check-in. For further information on this and other pre-order collection services, please visit the official Boots website.

Where to eat and heating baby milk

Places that are popular with families at the airport are:

  • Terminal 1 - Giraffe
  • Terminal 1 - Joes Kitchen
  • Terminal 2 - Frankie & Benny's
  • Terminal 3 - Trattoria Milano

Many of our restaurants and cafes will warm up your baby milk free of charge - they will do this in hot water rather than in the microwave as commercial microwaves are too powerful for baby milk. Starbucks in Terminal 1 will heat baby milk behind the counter, as will Brodericks in Terminal 2 and Costa and Caffe Nero in Terminal 3.

Other airport facilities

Other child-friendly services that the airport offers include a free fast lane through security if you have a child in a pushchair, a wide range of restaurants and cafes offering kids' meals and kids' packs.