What have we promised to do?

Here are our environmental policies and plans, which describe the impacts associated with the airport’s operation and how we will control them. 

M.A.G Corporate Responsibility Strategy
A responsible business is a good business. We provide employment for thousands of staff, help people to travel for business or pleasure and support education and regeneration. Our challenge is to do this in a way that shares these benefits without unacceptable impacts on the environment or our neighbours. 

Environment Plan
Our Environment Plan describes in detail the environmental issues we face at Manchester Airport and sets out challenging targets to achieve our environmental policies. 
The Environment Plan is one of four action plans which support our Master Plan to 2030. The three other action plans are: 

Environmental Policy
The Environmental Policy gives a top level statement of our approach to managing the environment at Manchester Airport. 

Noise Action Plan
Our Noise Action Plan 2013-18 sets out how we are going to manage the impacts of aircraft noise up to 2015 in order to limit and reduce where possible, the number of people affected by noise as a result of the airport’s activities. A shorter Noise Action Plan Summary is also available.

Night Noise Policy
Our Night Noise Policy details the measures we put in place to ensure noise impacts from night flights are controlled.