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Manchester Airport has developed a strong partnership with the local communities neighbouring the site. Key to our success has been our public commitment to community programmes and to maintain mutually beneficial relationships with our neighbours. 

Find out more about Manchester Airport's commitment to building on our past success, with the intent of making our immediate community a key part of any future success going forward.

Living Near The Airport

Although the positive effects of our operation are felt across the region/United Kingdom; there are a number of issues we have to manage to ensure our neighbours are not too disturbed by the noise and road traffic that come with our success.

Working in our Community

At Manchester Airport, we have a long history of working active
partnership with our local communities, helping share the benefits of our success. We now focus our community work on the areas closest to the airport, highlighting how our Social Responsibility activities are at the heart of our business, where we embrace the opportunities that they provide to develop our own colleagues.


Manchester Airport endeavours to reduce our impact on the surrounding environment as much as possible. We have a range of strategy practices in place to ensure limited impact on nearby communities and the environment as a whole, inclusive of pro-active environmental policies such as the Noise Action Plan and Night Noise Policy.

Consultative Committee

The Manchester Airport Consultative Committee comprises 33 members representing local authorities, amenity groups and user groups.


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