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Energy Management

Like everyone we are trying to reduce our energy bills and our carbon footprint.

We have a dedicated Utilities and Energy Team who are driving our comprehensive energy management programme and delivering significant reductions in energy usage. The programme includes:

  • Cutting out energy or fuel use as much as possible, for example by designing out the need for lights
  • Investing millions of pounds in a more efficient technology, including over 10,000 new LED light fittings, and improvements in our heating and ventilation systems
  • Improving our building control systems to actively manage lighting and heating and ventilation levels in response to passenger numbers and daylight levels
  • Investing in technology to generate renewable energy on site including biomass boilers
  • Installing hundreds of utility meters across the site to give more detailed consumption information to help in our energy management plans and business cases. 

We will reduce our energy consumption by 25% compared to 2000 levels

Carbon Management

We’ve made a commitment that our ground operations will become carbon neutral by 2015. This covers electricity, gas and fuel supplied by us for our own and our tenants’ activities.

We measure our carbon footprint and have obtained external verification that the way we do this is accurate, including the Carbon Trust Standard and ACI Europe’s Airport Carbon Accreditation.

Environment Flow

We’re well on the way to meeting our carbon neutral commitment by;

  • Reducing our energy usage through switch-off policies, improved controls and more efficient technology.
  • Investing in on-site renewable energy technology including biomass boilers.
  • Reviewing our vehicle fleet – we were the first airport to use hybrid buses and are looking at where we can use other alternatively fuelled vehicles or reduce fuel usage.
  • Helping on-site companies to reduce their energy and fuel use, including inviting the larger energy using companies to join our carbon challenge and share knowledge on energy and fuel efficiency measures.
  • Purchasing all our electricity from renewable sources.
  • Purchasing high quality carbon off-sets to compensate for any remaining emissions.

We will be carbon neutral for energy and fuel use by 2015

Waste management

We manage the waste contract for most of the companies on site including airlines, retailers, caterers, cargo handling and maintenance companies. Our target is that none of our waste goes to landfill and we are working towards this by managing waste along the principles of the waste hierarchy

  • Reduce – eliminating waste generation in the first place. As electronic communications improve, the amount of paper being used across the site has fallen significantly
  • Reuse – we salvage materials for reuse as spares and have links with several charities to donate items such as furniture, working electrical equipment and textiles;
  • Recycle – we provide recycling facilities across the site for 13 separate materials including recycling bins in the terminals, collection of glass from bars and restaurants and around 10,000 fluorescent tubes from across the site.
  • Recover – residual waste from most of the site goes to a recovery plant.

Legislation to control the spread of animal diseases limits restricts our ability to send aircraft cleaning waste for off-site recycling or recovery, so we screen and sort waste on-site, and are developing proposals to divert all aircraft cleaning waste through this process. This will reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill. We also bale recyclable materials on site, which reduces emissions from transport of this waste as well as reducing our costs. At a strategic level, we chair a group of airlines and airports looking at improvements in recycling across the sector.

We won’t send any waste to landfill after 2015

Ground Transport

With over 19,000 people working here and over 19 million passengers passing through, it’s important to get everyone here on time and home safely. Manchester Airport has great public transport links and the integrated train, coach and bus station is less than 10 minutes covered walk to all terminals and offices.

We have direct train services to over 100 destinations across the north of England and connections across the country and there are plans to build another platform to accommodate more trains. We’ve invested £50 million in helping to bring the Metrolink tram system to the Airport which will improve access across south Manchester.

With lots of local people working at the airport many on shifts, it’s important for them to be able to get here at all times of the day and night. We provide support to late night and early morning bus services and provide showers and lockers for staff who come to work on their bikes.

So there are plenty of options of how to get here – find out more on our To/From the Airport pages.