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At Manchester Airport (part of M.A.G) we try to respect our environment as best we can.

We know that the Airport’s operations use resources, create waste and cause disturbance to some of our neighbours. Find out here what we are doing to limit and where possible reduce these impacts on the environment and on local communities.

MAG Corporate Responsibility Overview Video

Our Environmental Initiatives

What have we promised to do?

We have outlined our various environmental policies and plans, detailing how we set about limiting our carbon footprint and noise pollution impact, amongst other factors, on the environment and surrounding community.

An established Land Use Plan, Ground Transport Plan, and Community Strategy, combines to ensure we have a full insight into all environmental factors regarding the airport.  

What are we doing?

Discover more about how we monitor usage of resources at the airport, alongside aircraft operations, and management of the surrounding land procedures, representing a multi-faceted overview for solutions on how to limit and reduce overall environment impact.

How Do We Do It?

All employees at Manchester Airport are asked to comply with environmental laws in ensuring that we improve our environmental performance, whereby we look to weave environmental issues throughout all our business processes.

How are we doing?

Our latest Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report  outlines the policies and procedures in place aimed towards controlling environmental impact, supporting local communities around our airports, and engaging with our colleagues to offer benefits to businesses in the regions we serve.

Projects and Case Studies

Find out more about some of the case studies, environmental projects and
initiatives we have undertaken.