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Fear of Flying

Do you have a fear of flying? Don’t panic, you're not alone

Fear of Flying

Fear of flying courses

Nearly one in six of us has some sort of anxiety about flying, but now there's a solution. Conquer your fear of flying and take off with confidence. Find out more about what courses are available at Manchester Airport, then sit back, relax and ascend.

Fly and Be Calm course

• The most up-to-date psychological exercises.
• Works over the course of 12 minutes to remove the intense anxiety associated with the fear of flying.
• Supported by a money back guarantee of fast results and at an affordable price. Book now

Virgin Atlantic Flying Without Fear course

The acclaimed Virgin Atlantic Flying without Fear course has helped thousands of people to conquer their phobia. Catering for people who are too frightened to get on board as well as those who dislike flying, it’s also there for would-be passengers who just want to know more about how an aircraft works, meet the pilots and ask questions.

The full day course includes meals, coffee breaks, a relaxation CD and a real flight. At the end of the day, everyone who successfully completes the programme will receive a certificate of achievement signed by Richard Branson. Free membership of the Virgin Atlantic Flying Club and 2,000 bonus miles is also included. Book now

British Airways Flying with Confidence

The course features a morning session in which a British Airways pilot gives a detailed presentation, followed by lunch. The afternoon session covers the psychological aspects of aerophobia, concluding with a flight on a British Airways aircraft. With cabin crew and psychologists on hand, the pilot provides a running commentary from the flight deck, explaining the different phases of the flight. Book now

easyJet Fearless Flyer Course

easyJet offers an online course for those who need help in a hurry. For £89, it offers a seven day pass to view the entire online course, led by a senior easyJet captain and therapist, as well as the full course notes. You will also receive a Fearless Flyer MP3 player to use during the flight with captain commentary and relaxation techniques, as well as access to a private members' site with advanced coaching and techniques. Buy now