Faith and worship

Find a quiet space for contemplation and prayer whilst travelling through the airport

Faith and Worship

Manchester Airport is a bustling international hub that never sleeps. But, in the midst of the hubbub, we have created oases of calm to enable quiet contemplation and prayer.

Airport Chaplaincy

Established in 1980 to represent all Christian denominations whatever their faith tradition, which includes Christian, Jewish and Muslim Chaplains. The Chaplaincy exists to support both customers and staff. You can find it in Terminals 3 next to the prayer rooms.

The Chaplaincy’s main office is in Terminal 1 next to the prayer room at Ground Level Check-In.

The Chaplaincy serves airport staff and customers by being:
"A living expression of faith through the provision of spiritual, pastoral and humanitarian care for all people within and beyond the airport community."

The Manchester Airport Chaplaincy provides a service which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Praying regularly for the airport community, airlines, passengers and local communities.

  • Offering spiritual support, pastoral care and understanding to all who work at the Airport.

  • Meeting the pastoral and humanitarian needs of those who travel through or visit the Airport.

  • Offering services of worship for the airport community, its members and visitors.

  • Training in faith-related aspects of emergency response, diversity issues and pastoral care.

  • Working in partnership with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Ministry of Defence, UK Borders Agency and the Emergency Services.

  • Care and support for those travelling on pilgrimage and their families.

  • Pastoral care for staff and detainees at Pennine House Immigration Detention Centre.

  • The provision of holistic care - working with Human Resources and Occupational Health.

  • An assurance that all matters are treated with professionalism and in compete confidence.

Contact us

If you would like to speak to a member of the chaplaincy team, please contact us on: +44 (0)161 489 2838, +44 (0)161 489 2154, +44 (0)161 489 2113, +44 (0)161 489 3908. Or email:

Multi-faith prayer Rooms

Four multi-faith prayer rooms serve Manchester Airport and remain open to everyone 24 hours a day. Their multi-faith designation reflects the global nature of air travel, and the cosmopolitanism of those who travel through our airport, as well as the diversity of the communities that Manchester Airport serves. Such multi-faith facilities are increasingly common and widely appreciated by passengers and staff in airport terminals throughout the world.

With the exception of a sign to indicate Qibla (the direction of Mecca) to assist Muslim users, wherever possible, Multi-Faith Prayer Rooms are kept deliberately free from religious symbolism in order to enable as many as possible to use the rooms for prayer. Christian, Jewish, Muslim and other sacred texts and prayer books are provided by the Chaplaincy and prayer mats are available for Muslims. Users are asked not to leave any literature in the prayer room. A book for comments and prayer requests is provided in each of the prayer rooms.

  • Daily Prayers (Christian) are held in the Terminal 1 Prayer Room
    Monday – Friday at 08:30.

  • Jummah Prayers (Islamic) are held in the Terminal 3 Prayer Room
    Friday at 13:00 GMT, 13:30 BST.

Terminal 1 Prayer Room

Located in Terminal 1 next to the Chaplaincy’s main office at Ground Level Check-In, and at Gate 20 after security.

Terminal 2 Prayer Room (Departures)

The Multi-Faith Prayer Room in Terminal 2 is situated next to the Apiary.

Terminal 2 Prayer Room (Arrivals)

Located on the main arrivals concourse at Ground Level, and is easily accessible by the public. It is conveniently located near to the Chaplaincy’s Terminal 2 office.

Terminal 3 Prayer Room

Located to the right of the building (from the kerbside), on the first floor above Spar (below Departure level, above Arrivals).

Wudu/Wash Facilities

Special washing facilities are available before and after security in Terminal 2 and in Terminal 3

Airport facilities

Airport parking image

Airport Parking

A range of convenient options, just minutes away from the terminal

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Escape Lounge

Relax before you fly. Available to all passengers.