VIT is your natural recharging station offering naturally hearty, healthy food and juices, served fast and ready to go

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Why visit VIT?

VIT is a great destination for travellers to kick-start the day or to recharge with nature’s favourite sources of energy, with a healthy power booster, a diet or vegan meal solution, or simply a nutritious, zero-sugar indulgence. VIT uses only pure, natural produce, which we refer to it as ‘fuel for life’.

The menu is simple and clear, including fresh cold-pressed juices, smoothies, shots and nutritious bites, along with customisable options such as (vegan and vegetarian) egg bowls, salads and light breakfast bowls.

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Opening Times

Opening hours vary dependent on day

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Juices and hot drinks

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Salads and wraps

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Eggs and yoghurt pots