Pret in Manchester Airport Terminal 1 & 2, both in Arrivals and after Security, creates handmade, natural food fresh every day in each shop's own kitchen.

Pret salads

Why visit Pret?

Get colourful with Pret’s Spring Collection 

We are excited to launched our biggest ever new menu in our 33 year history and it's filled with vibrant colours, flavours and textures. Of the 20 new products, eight are vegan, five are vegetarian, and the new menu also includes avocado-based salads pots and open sandwiches made on Pret’s first gluten-free bread.

Pret’s latest menu, including classic Pret favourites, monthly chefs' specials made with fresh, seasonal ingredients, and today’s soup rota can be found on the Pret website.

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Opening Times

Terminal 1 Airside

Open daily: 03:30 - 20:30


Terminal 1 Arrivals

Open daily: 06:00 - 19:00


Terminal 2 Airside

Monday: 03:30 - 22:30

Tuesday: 03:30-21:00

Wednesday: 03:30-21:30

Thursday: 03:30-21:00

Friday: 03:30-21:00

Saturday: 03:30-21:30

Sunday: 03:30-21:00


Terminal 2 Arrivals

Open daily: 05:00 - 17:00

Opening hours can be subject to change.