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Baggage reclaim

Information about baggage reclaim at Manchester Airport, and what to do if your luggage is lost or delayed

Baggage reclaim

Once your aircraft has landed and arrived at the gate, your luggage will be unloaded by your airline’s handling agent. These are separate companies, arranged by your airline, with responsibility for getting your luggage from the check-in desk to the plane, and from the plane to the baggage carousel.

Before collecting your baggage, you’ll need to go through Passport Control (unless you’ve arrived on a flight from elsewhere in the UK or from Ireland). You should therefore make sure that your passport, money, and any other important documents or medication are packed in your hand luggage.

The baggage reclaim area is immediately after Passport Control. You’ll see that there are several baggage carousels; check the information screens to see which carousel the luggage from your flight will be loaded onto.

While you’re waiting at the carousel for your luggage, please stand well back behind the line, and avoid blocking access to the carousel. You must never climb onto the carousel itself. Luggage trollies are available in the baggage reclaim area at a cost of £1, or a €2 coin (non-refundable).

Many suitcases look the same. We recommend adding something which is easy to identify on your case so you can be sure that you’re collecting the right bag.

What to do if your luggage is lost or delayed

Responsibility for getting your luggage back to you lies with your airline and their handling agent.

In the first instance, go to the information desk inside the baggage hall to report your lost luggage. If the desk is closed, please contact the handling agent using the phone number below.

Airline handling agent contact details

To identify and track lost or delayed luggage you should call your airline’s handling agent. See below for a list of baggage handling agents for each associated airline: 

Airline Handling agent Contact number*
Aer Lingus Menzies 0330 660 0814
Air France Menzies 0113 396 8021
Air Malta Swissport 0161 425 0222
Air Transat Swissport 0161 425 0222
American Airlines AA 0800 535 5225
Aurigny Air Services Menzies 0330 660 0814
Austrian Airlines Swissport 0161 425 0222
British Airways Menzies 0344 493 0785
Cathay Pacific Dnata 0344 800 6529
Delta Airlines  Swissport 0161 425 0222
Easyjet Menzies 0330 660 0814
Emirates Dnata 0344 800 6529
Ethiopian Airlines Swissport 0161 425 0222
Etihad Swissport 0161 425 0222
Finnair Swissport 0161 425 0222
Flybe Airline Services 0330 660 0814
Iberia Express Menzies 0344 493 0785
Jet Airways Premier Handling 0803 924 3333
Jet2 Jet2 0330 660 0815
KLM Menzies 0113 396 8021
Logan Air Premier Handling 0161 425 0222
Lufthansa Dnata 0371 945 9124
Oman Air Swissport  0161 425 0222
Pakistan  Swissport 0161 425 0222
Pegasus Swissport 0161 425 0222
Qatar Swissport 0161 425 0222
Royal Air Maroc Swissport  0161 425 0222
Ryanair Swissport 0161 425 0222
SAS Swissport 0161 425 0222
Singapore Swissport 0161 425 0222
Swiss Swissport 0161 425 0222
Thomas Cook Airlines Aviator 0161 425 0222
Titan Airways Premier Handling 0161 425 0222
TUI Swissport 0161 425 0222
Turkish Airlines Swissport 0161 425 0222
United Airlines Swissport 0161 425 0222
Virgin  Swissport 0844 209 7304
Vueling Airlines Menzies 0344 493 0785

*Manchester Airport is not aware of the call charges for baggage handling agents so please contact them for the relevant charge.

Luggage tips

  1. Put something on your case to make it unique. This might be a sticker, a brightly-coloured ribbon wrapped around the handle or a personalised luggage strap. Ensure that whatever you choose is securely fastened and won’t come loose or get caught in the conveyor belts used at the airport.
  2. Take a picture of your luggage before you check it in. If it’s lost, your airline’s handling agent will ask you to describe it. Being able to show them a picture increases the chances that it can be found, especially if it’s a case that looks like many others.
  3. Put your name, phone number, flight number and destination on a sheet of paper, then put it inside your case, preferably in an external, unlocked pocket. If your luggage is lost and the label has come off, the airline will be able to reunite you with your bag more easily.


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