Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta

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About Puerto Vallarta

About Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is one of the best resort towns in Mexico, boasting incredible hotels, jaw-dropping beaches and spectacular weather all year round. If you’re looking for an alternative to Orlando, Miami or LA then Puerto Vallarta is a fantastic choice, thanks to its sprawling party scene and local attractions.  Not only is Puerto Vallarta a great destination it is also one of the safest areas of Mexico with crime rates significantly lower than many European and American cities.

However, the best thing about Puerto Vallarta is that you can visit at any time of year, so whether you want to go for your big summer break or a cheeky winter getaway, you’ll always find the best accommodation and attractions waiting for you. With so much to offer it’s easy to see why Puerto Vallarta should be your next destination.

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Hotels in Puerto Vallarta

As a common holiday destination, Puerto Vallarta has plenty of accommodation on offer, from high-end modern suites to family-friendly resorts and America-style motels. If you’re looking for the very best accommodation in Puerto Vallarta then one of the modern leisure resorts, such as Casa Velas or Hotel Mousai, should be your first port of call. Those looking for slightly lower priced accommodation can still find fantastic deals, especially out of season, at any of the 4 & 5-star resorts.

Shopping in Puerto Vallarta

Like many busy cities in the western world, Puerto Vallarta offers all the malls and department stores for you to shop till you drop. If you’re looking for big-brands and a typical high-street experience then El Centro, the central shopping district of the city, is your best bet. However, those on the hunt for high fashion should also visit the Galleria Vallarta shopping mall. Remember that as tourists in Mexico you can also be reimbursed for your purchases on a variety of products, simply keep all of your receipts and present them to the Tax Free Booths in the airport to reclaim up to 16% of your spending.

Food & Drink in Puerto Vallarta

Obviously, while you’re in Mexico it would be a crime if you didn’t try a little Mexican food, so keep an eye out for all your home favourites like fajitas, nachos and tacos. However, Puerto Vallarta has a few specialities of its own that are well worth a try including Pozole, a popcorn stew, and tamales, a local take on an American dish that can be sweet or savoury. Those over the age of 18 should also sample some tequila in Puerto Vallarta as it’s said to be where the spirit originated.

Events in Puerto Vallarta

It’s fair to say that Mexican’s love to party and the people of Puerto Vallarta are no different. If you want to see Mexico at its best try to book to visit around these dates:

Independence Day

Similar to the 4th of July in America, the 16th of September marks the day that Mexico broke away from the Spanish Empire. Independence Day is one gigantic party in Mexico with parades, fireworks and more so keep an eye out for celebrations as they are not to be missed.

Day of the dead

Often called Mexican Halloween, the celebration of the Day of the Dead in February is far removed from Halloween traditions. The Day of the Dead is a day of remembrance where families get together and take time to pay their respects to their loved ones. There are often also processions and parades through towns and cities, displaying the iconic style of the festival.

Gourmet Festival

As the home of Tequila and many well-known Mexican dishes, it’s easy to see why Puerto Vallarta is the host of one of Mexico’s most prominent food festivals. If you love food from any culture, you’re sure to discovery plenty at the city’s world-renowned Gourmet Festival.

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