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About Nuremberg

A hub of Bavarian charm

It’s hard to walk through the streets of Nuremberg without feeling like you’ve wandered into a fairy-tale. Each house looks almost comical in its design and yet the combined charm offered by the iconic architecture of Bavaria is also beautiful. If you’ve always been fascinated by European folklore there's nowhere better than the city’s vibrant Old Town, bursting with vivid colours, the sweet smells of independent bakers and the sounds of classic Bavarian music.

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Hotels in Nuremberg

The biggest decision you’ll need to make when visiting Nuremberg is whether you’d rather stay in a modern build or soak up the atmosphere in more traditional accommodation. If it is the more modern hotels that take your fancy, your best bet will be the incredible Hotel Drei Raben in the heart of the city, which boasts a spectacular range of services and an elegant modern style. Alternatively, those seeking a traditional stay should consider the Hotel Marienbad which is styled in classical Bavarian fashion and offers comfortable lodgings.

Shopping in Nuremberg

Nuremberg boasts the oldest and largest pedestrian zone in Europe which spreads across the entirety of Old Town, making for a uniquely traditional shopping experience as you bob and weave through the winding side-streets of the city. As you wander you’ll be able to find plenty of souvenirs, including artisan cheeses and meats as well as Bavarian keepsakes you’ll treasure for life. Those who are in search of a more contemporary shopping experience will want to head to Karolinenstraße – the city’s busiest shopping street.

Food & Drink in Nuremberg

While you can expect all the Bavarian classics, like bratwurst and schnitzel, to be on offer as you make your way around the city, Nuremberg has become a hub for more modern cuisine in the Bavarian region. Thai, Chinese and Indian dishes often find their way onto the menus of otherwise traditional restaurants and don’t be surprised if you stumble across some sushi in your search for dinner. Anyone with a sweet tooth should also try the sugared almonds and Lebkuchen found on almost every street.

Events in Nuremberg

As one of the few major cities in the Bavarian region, Nuremberg plays host to many of the traditional festivals and fetes. These events make the perfect centrepiece of any holiday and here are a few of our favourites to help you decide when to visit the fairy-tale city:

Fränkisches Bierfest

Celebrated in the moat of Nuremberg Castle towards the end of May, Fränkisches Bierfest is a celebration of Franconian beer. There are plenty of free samples to be had and even more beer to be drank on tap so if you’re a visiting adult you should be sure to get in on the action.

The Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt

One of the oldest Christmas Markets in the world, the Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt has everything that a great Christmas market should have – you’ll find endless rows of small huts offering delicious food and presents as well as plenty of drinking halls and festive decoration. If you’re struggling to get in the Christmas spirit, this is one event that’s sure to help you.

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