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About Casablanca

New meets old in Casablanca

The city of Casablanca may share its name with a classic of black and white films, but it’s got far more colour than anything from Hollywood’s golden age. This Moroccan port city serves as a base camp for many tours of the region, which has transformed its culture to cater to tourists from around the world. The meeting of European customs and African tradition has created a cosmopolitan blend unlike anywhere else on the planet. Modern shopping malls sit alongside awe-inspiring mosques and ancient markets, making this a great way for tourists to experience North African culture. Weather is typical of a desert climate, with highs of 26°C in summer months and temperatures dropping to 9°C in the winter – meaning that you can leave the jumpers at home whenever you visit. With so much to offer, a visit to Casablanca could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.