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About Cambridge

A Quintessentially English Seat Of Learning

Founded in the mists of prehistory, the city of Cambridge has been a constant throughout the entirety of British history. From the university’s founding in 1209, it has since been known as one of the most prestigious education establishments in the world and that hasn’t changed for a second during the 800 years its doors have been open.

The city has inspired some of the greatest minds in human history, including both Charles Darwin and Stephan Hawking, with its British charm and soothing traditionalism. The perfect city break for Brits and foreign visitors alike, Cambridge has plenty to offer tourists including a variety of shopping experiences, delicious food and a full calendar of unmissable events.

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Hotels In Cambridge

Cambridge boasts a wonderful selection of hotels catering to visitors from every walk of life. Those with a large budget should make a reservation with either the ultra-modern Varsity Hotel & Spa or the traditional Gonville Hotel, which also offers a range of classic cars for guests to use around the city. If you’re trying to save the best choices are either comfortable B&Bs, such as Harry’s B&B, or chain hotels, like the contemporary Hotel Ibis Cambridge Central Station. 

Shopping in Cambridge

The duality between Cambridge’s past and future is plain to see in the shopping offerings of the city. On the high street and the market, you’ll find plenty of businesses with roots that date back several hundred years, including the famous Fudge Kitchen. However, there’s plenty of contemporary businesses to be found as well, both in the sprawling Grand Arcade shopping centre and the on the high street - such as the Harry Potter memorabilia shop, The Department of Magical Gifts.

Food & Drink in Cambridge

Food-lovers visiting the city can find both unique experiences and local delicacies within the city. If you’re in search of a new experience and have a taste for alcohol consider a visit to either the Cambridge Gin Laboratory or the Cambridgeshire Wine School. When booking a restaurant for an evening excursion try for a place at Restaurant 22, an up-market treat that has been awarded the best restaurant in Cambridge. As for those who are in search of fast food, Africfood is a great choice with a wide selection of traditional African dishes.

Events in Cambridge

The festival schedule in Cambridge is tightly packed, varied and features plenty of university events. If you’re visiting consider planning your trip around one of these festivals:

Bonfire Night

The 5th of November marks the foiling of Guy Fawkes attempt to destroy parliament in 1605, in England, it’s celebrated with fantastical displays of fireworks across the country. Cambridge is no different with a magnificent pyrotechnic exhibition in the city attended by students and residents alike.


The Big Weekend

The Big Weekend sees Cambridge pull out all the stops for its citizens with a brilliant entertainment programme featuring music acts, exhibitions and live talks as well as a range of arts and crafts. This is a great day out for young families.


Open Cambridge

While most Universities have open days for prospective students, Cambridge’s various halls and dorms are so old, exclusive and renowned that there’s a demand from the public to be allowed in. Once a year, the doors of Cambridge’s various academic buildings are open to the public and the city celebrates its academic prestige with a programme of exciting, and often informative, events.


Rag Week

Students take to the streets in force throughout Rag Week (a.k.a Raising And Giving Week) to perform, bake or do anything to raise money for the charities close to their hearts. The city often gets swept up in RAG Week fever and it’s quite common for whole city streets to become overrun with students, banners and small stalls to help raise money.

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