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Airport supplies security training

Security training for those involved in the screening of airport supplies

Who is this course suitable for

This is a mandatory course designed for any person employed to carry out, or supervising/managing staff carrying out activities listed below:
Implementing screening of airport supplies
Implementing security controls for airport supplies.

Learning Objectives

This course is to ensure that all trained staff understand their role and responsibilities in relation to the security of airport supplies.
To provide persons who screen airport supplies with knowledge and skills needed to deliver the effective screening of airport supplies.
To provide persons working with known suppliers who have access to airport supplies the knowledge and skills needed to provide effective security in accordance with the relevant legislation.

Course Content

Our security training follows the Department for Transport’s National Aviation Security Training Programme guidelines and incorporates: -

  • Access control
  • Screening
  • Visual check training
  • Hand search
  • X-Ray screening
  • Explosive Trace Detection
  • Vehicle search
  • Airport Supplies Security
  • Maintaining effective security

Method of Delivery

Trainer led – Mixed training covering both theoretical and practical elements



Contact Details
Simon Brooks
Operational Training Manager
Tel: +44 (0)161 489 5710
Mobile: +44 (0) 7958 876 641