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Everything you need to know about your Ryanair flight from Manchester Airport

Ryanair flights leave from Manchester Airport Terminal 3

RyanAir Check In

RyanAir passengers will find the check-in desk in the landside T3 Departure Hall which can be reached through the large double doors at the front of the hall. Signage, shuttle buses and pedestrian walkways make it easy for travellers to reach the hall from any carpark, the taxi rank and train station.

RyanAir Baggage Allowance

Check-in baggage is an optional extra on RyanAir flights with a 20kg check-in bag costing as little as £25 to add to your booking. The cost of baggage is much cheaper when booked in advance so RyanAir advises customers to book their baggage along with their flight.

RyanAir Passenger Amenities

RyanAir passengers in Terminal 3 can find plenty of amenities while awaiting their flights including shops, lounges and restaurants - giving them more ways to unwind. Many of these amenities offer better deals to passengers who pre-book.

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Why Fly RyanAir?

Specialising in affordable breaks around the world, RyanAir offers low fares to hundreds of countries, making them a great choice for quick city breaks and family holidays alike.