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Norwegian Air

Everything you need to know about your Norwegian Air flight from Manchester Airport

Norwegian Air flights depart from Manchester Airport Terminal 1

Norwegian Air Check-In

You can check-in for your Norwegian Air flight at the airline’s check-in desk located in the landside Terminal 1 Departures Hall. The hall can be accessed by both the double doors at the front of the room and the skylink walkway. All car parks, taxi ranks and the train station are connected to the hall by pedestrian walkways as well as regular shuttle buses. 

Norwegian Air Baggage Allowance

Your hand luggage and checked baggage allowance will depend on your fare with Norwegian Air. We recommend checking what baggage your fare entitles you to before your arrival at the airport. If you think you’ll need more baggage allowance than you are allocated you can order it through the Norwegian Air website. 

Norwegian Air Passenger Amenities

Terminal 1 has plenty to offer passengers awaiting their Norwegian Air flight including high street shops, restaurants and bars. Those booking ahead can find unique deals and discounts on our website. 

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Why Fly Norwegian Air?

Norwegian Air Shuttle, also known as Norwegian, is Norway’s largest airline and the eighth-largest airline in Europe. It is known for affordable flights across the continent as well as further afield, including international flights to America and Asia.