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Sustainable Development Plan

The Sustainable Development Plan (SDP) sets out the strategic context for the long-term development of Manchester Airport. The SDP comprises a high level summary and four detailed plans that deal with the Economy and Surface Access, Environment, Community and Land Use. These plans set out in greater detail how we will realise future opportunities and deal with the principal issues that we face.

 SummaryLand use (1) Environment (1) Economy Community (1)

Objectives for the SDP

The objectives for the SDP are to:

• Explain the long-term opportunities for the growth and development of Manchester Airport and its contribution to the northern economy;
• Set out our vision for the development of the airport site;
• Provide the framework for capitalising on the benefits of the airport’s development and for managing and minimising local disturbance and environmental impact; 
• Set out our plans to enable a constructive dialogue with our customers, neighbours and business partners;
• Inform the plans and strategies of others across the north west region and beyond; and
• Provide evidence to help Government and the Airports Commission understand the implications of making best use of Manchester’s capacity.

To obtain copies of the Sustainable Development Plan or to contact the team:


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