Parking at Edinburgh Airport

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With close ties to the M8, M9 and M90 as well as both the cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow, it’s easy to see why Edinburgh Airport is one of the largest travel hubs in Scotland. Due to the airport’s size and popularity, it can be difficult to find a parking space, so if you’re planning a visit, our parking partners would like to help with a few pieces of advice.

Parking at Edinburgh Airport

There are both dedicated pick-up and drop-off zones located directly outside the terminal at Edinburgh Airport. However, both these areas are charged, with prices quickly increasing over time. If you’re hoping to spend more time saying good-byes, or just want to avoid a large fee, there’s a free drop-off and pick-up area in the long-stay carpark.

While the airport doesn’t offer a short-stay parking option, apart from the drop-off and pick-up zones, there are medium-stay parking areas that are around two-minutes from the terminal doors. However, it’s worth checking your vehicle can fit in here as the multi-storey carpark has a 2.2m ceiling. If you’re planning to stay for longer than a day, then it’s more cost effective to book long-stay parking.

Edinburgh’s long-stay parking is by far the most cost-effective option for any visitor. With a five-minute bus operating regularly between the carpark and the terminal doors, the carpark is within easy reach of the terminal and constantly under the watch of airport security.

Those searching for the ultimate VIP experience to kick-start their dream holiday should consider valet parking. Edinburgh Airport’s valet service simply requires you to drop off your keys with a professional valet by the terminal before checking in. Then all you have to do is alert your valet upon your return and they’ll have your car ready and waiting by the terminal doors.

Edinburgh only has the main terminal, which serves 33 different airlines, making it the busiest terminal in Scotland. No matter where you park you can be sure there will be travel links to the terminal doors.

Edinburgh Airport is incredibly busy, so while it’s possible to buy a carparking space on the day of your flight, you’re unlikely to get the space you want. For the best deals and the perfect space for your vehicle, pre-booking is highly recommended.

  • Arrive early: The terminal sees over 300 flights leave every day, which equates to a take-off every 5 minutes. This means that there’s a lot of footfall through the airport, so it’s incredibly important to give yourself plenty of time to get through security and catch your flight. The airport recommends you arrive at least 2 hours 30 minutes before take-off.

  • Book into a lounge: If you’re heading out on holiday then keep things relaxed by checking into a lounge away from the hustle and bustle of the main concourse at the airport. Edinburgh’s lounges offer complimentary food and drink as well as free Wi-Fi. Some even include fast-track tickets to help you avoid queues while getting through security.