Booking Terms & Conditions

Runway Visitor Park (RVP) Booking Terms & Conditions

Photography & Copyright

Photography is allowed at Runway Visitor Park, including during your tour.
Our tours & presentations are protected by personal copyright. Accordingly, your group is not permitted to make any audio or visual recordings of them.


Please remember that children must remain under the supervision of the teachers at all times. Offensive, abusive & threatening behaviour to visitors or staff will not be tolerated. Pupils displaying disruptive behaviour will not be permitted to continue with the tour.

Payments for your tour


Bookings will be held for no more than 14 days without receipt of your deposit & booking form. If your deposit and booking form have not been received within 14 days of the initial booking being made, we will assume that you no longer require the tour and remove your booking from our files. Only once your deposit and booking form have been received will your booking become a firm booking.

Your deposit is non-refundable.


Two weeks before your tour you must contact Runway Visitor Park and confirm the number of children and adults that you will be bringing, we also need confirmation at this time of how the balance will be paid, we will then generate an invoice based on the figures that you confirm, this will be sent to you.

Once the invoice is sent, no adjustments to numbers will be made to your invoice.

All payments must be made before the tour takes place. Payments can be made by card payment, BACS or cheque. Cheques must be made payable to Manchester Airport PLC.

If you cancel your tour within two weeks of your tour date you will be charged at the full amount if the Runway Visitor Park are unable to re sell the tour space.

From date of purchase your gift voucher is only valid for 12 months.


We reserve the right to cancel visits and make full refunds if necessary. We will not be liable for damages or inconvenience arising therefrom or howsoever it is caused and our liability shall be restricted to the deposit.


Coach parking is available at the Runway Visitor Park. On arrival one of the Runway Visitor Park team will show you where to park. If you have booked an Educational Tour your parking is complimentary. Your Coach driver will need to take an orange token from the entry machine on arrival; the driver must bring this token to Reception to have it validated whilst you are on your tour.

If your transport leaves the park for operational reasons, it is your responsibility to arrange a collection time with the driver for your return journey.


Your starting point will be confirmed at the time of booking & in your confirmation email.

For tours starting at Runway Visitor Park - Your Tour Guides will meet you on arrival at the DC10 (Monarch Aircraft) which is located next to the Coach Parking area.

For tours starting at Terminal 2 – Your Tour Guides will meet you at Terminal 2 Departures.

For tours starting at Terminal 1 – Your Tour Guides will meet you at the Airport Coach Station, your tour will start here, please do not go to the Terminal Building without your Tour Guides.

Please ensure you allow enough time to visit toilets etc. so that you can begin your tour on time. The visit will operate between the agreed times only.

If for any reason you are delayed, please contact us immediately on 0161 489 8336. Due to operational reasons, we will have to deduct the time lost from your visit.

Lunch facilities

Space is limited, and we do not have an area to store Lunches or bags / coats.

This facility is allocated according to a timetable and must be booked in advance.

This facility is used throughout the day by other schools; therefore we do request that all rubbish is placed in the bins provided and that the room is left as you would like to find it.


Part of your tour involves being outside, therefore you must ensure that your group are all prepared for the weather on the day of your tour. This may include wellington boots, macs, coats, hats, gloves or suntan lotion for sunny days. Please brief parents to ensure that the children are suitably attired for the weather.


Refreshments are not included in your tour. Please ensure that you bring sufficient refreshments with you, particularly during spells of warm weather. Refreshments can be purchased at the restaurant on site.


If there are no other activities in the Concorde Hangar, we will take the children in to the Hangar to explore this iconic aircraft. Please note: Concorde is not a scheduled part of The Educational Tour and access to the hangar can not be guaranteed.


We do not permit smoking within any of the buildings or aircraft exhibits at the Runway Visitor Park.

Risk Assessment Report Downloads

Standard Risk Assessment

Standard Risk Assessment T1

Standard Risk Assessment T2


We always appreciate your feedback, your comments help to shape our tours to ensure that we create the best experience possible for all of our visitors. Please help us to do this by completing our Feedback form after your tour.

Flight Academy

All sessions last for 1 hour & 30 minutes. Car Parking is not included in the Flight Academy programme, car parking fees should be paid on exit as you leave the Park.

For each party of children, 1 adult must accompany them for the duration of the session, unfortunately due to limited space on-board the aircraft we cannot take more than 1 adult per child. There is no charge for the accompanying adults they do not need to book onto the session we have already reserved your space.

Only children booked onto the session will be permitted to take part with their 1 accompanying adult due to the limited space available on board the Aircraft. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate non-paying siblings.

Sessions will start promptly to ensure that we run to our schedule, please ensure that you are ready to start your session, the meeting place is at the bottom of the steps of the Monarch Aircraft.

Where your session takes place on-board the aircraft, you will need to climb around 20 steps to get on-board (this differs from Aircraft to aircraft).

Where your session takes place out and about around our Park; please ensure that you are dressed for the weather as you will be open to the elements.

Children remain the responsibility of parents / accompanying adults at all times during the session.

The session cost is £7 per child. There is no charge for the accompanying adults & accompanying adults do not need to book onto the session.

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