Local Residents

Local residents who work at, or commute from, the Ground Transport Exchange (Train/Bus Station) and who live in certain postcode areas, are able to apply for an annual permit.

The Station

We recognise that The Station serves as the main commuter station for people living in the surrounding neighbourhood. Therefore, users within a defined postal area can apply for an annual permit, giving them free drop-off and pick-up access for The Station, subject to payment of the application fee set out below.

The application is for 12 months and will allow one free pick up and drop off per day. Drop off will be at the Ground Transport Interchange and pick up will be at T1 Short Stay (maximum waiting time 30 mins).

Renewals and new applications are processed online

All other issues or queries will need to be notified by email to: forecourtmanagement@magairports.com

How to apply for, or renew your local resident’s permit

You will be required to create a unique user account using our online AIRDAT onboarding system.

When completing your application, please use your full name as the company name, you will also be required to provide the following identity and insurance documents:

  • Valid UK photo driving licence.

  • Recent utility bill (water or council tax)

  • A copy of your vehicle insurance.

We only permit 1 application per household (2 x vehicles) and must fall within the catchment area (M22, M23, WA15, WA16 and SK9)

Applications and renewals will be charged at £25 +VAT; payment to be made online with a debit or credit card

How to change your registration

If you wish to change a vehicle registration, please email forecourtmanagement@magairports.com with your:

  • Full Name

  • Card number.

  • Old registration.

  • New Registration.

  • A copy of a valid insurance document for the new registration.

  • A copy of your Driving Licence or Passport, for identification.