How to get to and from Manchester Airport

By train

From £5

35 mins - direct
  • walk
    Runs seven days a week
By coach
55 mins - direct
  • walk
    Drop off outside the airport
By car
25 mins - approximately 10 miles
  • walk
    Park close to the terminal

Travelling from Stockport to Manchester Airport


Whether you're planning a day trip, business trip or jetting off on holiday, with a journey to the airport right around the corner, it's easy to forget to plan how you're getting there.

There are many ways you can make the 10-mile journey from Stockport to Manchester Airport, including trains, coaches, taxis and car. Ensuring your travel arrangements are in place before your trip takes all the stress away from getting to the airport - meaning you can just sit back, relax and enjoy your journey.

We could help you save money, by pre-booking your travel from Stockport to Manchester Airport with us, today.

Manchester Airport map

Manchester Airport


M90 1QX

53.3588° N, 2.2727° W

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