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How to get to and from Manchester Airport from Huddersfield

Huddersfield city centre

Manchester Airport to Huddersfield

Sitting just 42 miles northeast of Manchester Airport, Huddersfield is easy to travel to and from via train, coach or car.


By Train

With regular train services every hour, travelling between Manchester Airport and Huddersfield is stress-free. Journeys take around an hour and operate frequently on both weekends and weekdays.

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By Coach

There’s the option to travel by coach if you’re trying to keep costs to a minimum. All journeys require a changeover in Leeds or Sheffield and can take as little as 4 hours 20 minutes, depending on transfer delays.

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By Car

The quickest route between Manchester Airport and Huddersfield, via the M60 and M62, takes 54 minutes. With the option to hire a car if you need to, it’s a breeze to get to and from Manchester Airport while driving. There is the possibility of some traffic around Manchester, so you might want to consider booking a hotel room near the airport if you have a morning flight.

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