Planning a Visit

A tour of an airport can be an exciting day out for children and adults

At the Runway Visitor Park we have an education centre where aircraft tours are available.

Education Centre - located at The Runway Visitor Park

Discover the world of aviation in a way that can bring together the past and the present. Ideal for:

  • School visits up to and including Year 9

  • School and College Visits for all levels from Year 10 to GCSE and A Level students

  • Birthday Parties, Scouts, Cubs, Guides, Brownies, Holiday Clubs etc

Find out more about the educational tours we offer to different age groups here.

Education Centre website

Concorde Tours

Manchester Airport’s supersonic superstar, Concorde G-BOAC, loves being the centre of attention. You can now get an insider’s view of the world’s favourite supersonic jet on a whole range of guided tours, and even tie the knot on-board.

Explore our range of unique Concorde tours.

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