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The Germanic love affair with beer is in full swing for Oktoberfest.

Bavaria’s annual festival is legendary: bringing in over six million visitors per year who regularly drink the same amount in beer litres, taking advantage of bustling beer halls and tavern girls, giant tankards and a traditional bands as a fitting soundtrack.

Beer is taken seriously in Germany, with each region boasting its own unique blend of beers ranging from the finest premium lagers to refined real ales.

Before donning your lederhosen and heading to the beer halls of Bavaria, brush up your beer knowledge and join us at the bar as we take a hop-fuelled tour of Germany’s signature tipple.

Munich Beer Halls

Munich Beer Halls

Munich's 182nd Oktoberfest will see an influx of foreign tourists among the regular locals embrace the popular city beer of Helles, a pale malt lager which sits on the throne of a range of pale lagers of varying strengths brewed across the capital.

Traditional beer halls and beer gardens are plentiful in Munich. Celebrate Oktoberfest in true Bavarian style at the delightfully offbeat surrounds of Augustiner Bräustuben, providing affordable beer and food fit enough to supplement such an occasion. For the definitive beer hall experience then Hofbräuhaus is a discerning choice. Undisputedly resting among the most famous beer halls in the world, combining oompah bands and veal sausage fora tantalising experience.

Alternatively, the largest beer garden in the world can be found at Hirschgarten, which holds up to 8,000 revellers at a time in representing a core part of Munich's beer culture since 1791.


Cologne’s striking Gothic cathedral proves a suitable backdrop when traversing through the Old Town or Altstadt traditional pub scene, where locally brewed favourite Kölsch light ale, known for its rounded sweet taste, is readily piped through the city streets.

Waiters decked in blue uniform are a regular sight in Cologne when visiting one of the many Kölsch brewpubs. Such quirks are commonplace as you descend on the city for Oktoberfest, with the Altstadt in particular offering many desirable bars with outdoor seating overlooking the Rhine.

Beer enthusiasts will find Cologne particurlay intriguing for playing its part in the Bavarian brewery scene, with the city having once housed more than in any other Germany city.



Innovative architecture and a distinctly contemporary aesthetic place Dusseldorf and its trendy arts and culture scene at the forefront of modern city living, but Oktoberfest still sees plenty of pints of regional favourite and top fermented Altbier.

Touring the bar and pub venues of Dusseldorf is a prime opportunity to get in touch with the city's brewery enthused heritage however. The Altstadt still represents a core element of the nightlife in Dusseldorf, where the so-called 'world's longest bar' comprises 300 pubs within the Old Town square, catering to a range of cultures and differing themes.

You can feel at home sipping Guiness or real ale in an Irish bar, venture into a live music bar, or for the definitive hipster hangout, head over to the transformed Medienhafen area, where delapidated warehouses in the old harbour have been transformed into trendy bar space below feats of architectural splendour.

Berlin Nightlife

Berlin is known for its unending nightlife filled where vibrant techno music is the heartbeat of a musically attuned city ranked among the best in Europe for live music and DJ nights, lending itself to Oktoberfest as an ideal destination of choice to a enjoy a beer themed break.

Berliner Weisse is the beer of choice in the German capital, with it's 3% alcohol content ensuring you won't have too much of an early night. Berliner Weisse can be enjoyed in plentiful droves among the assortment of bars and clubs which have blossomed from an industralised post-war skyline, seeing Berlin transformed into a fully fledged hedonistic playground.

Oktoberfest in Berlin will be held in Zentral Festplatz am Kurt-Schumacher-Damm, bringing to life the buzzing energy of the city through fairground rides, stalls and giant party tent.

Berlin Nightlife


The home of the internationally exported Becks premium lager is a city of glorious contrast. Dreamy alleyways and ancient winding streets depict a laid back Northwestern corner of Bavaria, although it is overflowing with iconic beer themed destinations.

Bremen's Becks Brewery tours are renowned for offering an engaging insight into what makes Becks the best selling German beer. Sold in over 90 countries worldwide, visitors take a journey through the brewing process and legacy of the iconic beer brand, taking in museums, brew house and storage tanks.

For a genuine competitor to Munich and Berlin's Oktoberfest celebrations, Bremen Beer Festival runs from October 19th to November 4th, while Bremen is also home to a sought after Ratskeller, where a dwarfing underground beer hall offers the ideal location to celebrate traditional German beer and vintage wine.


Germany’s nautical history in connection to the North Sea via the picturesque Elbe River ensures established bars and public houses are a given.

Embrace the drinking culture enjoyed by sailors down the ages in Hamburg, where this diverse canal and parkland infused landscape offers a city vista in which to bask while enjoying a cool craft beer. There are many smaller breweries which offer tours and taste sessions on their prized concoctions, while there are beer gardens ripe for sunshine beer drinking littered across the city's heart.

A recommended drinking hole would be the Gröninger Privatbrauerei, providing visitors with a fully immersive time travel drinking experience, having been mentioned as far back as the mid 1200's. Savour a Gröninger Pils or Hanseaten Weisse brewed fresh from the same location, accompanied by meat or fish based meal as part of a historical culinary adventure.


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