Why You Should Customise, Not Compromise with Clinique iD This International Women's Day.

March 8th marks the 108th International Women’s Day and Manchester Airport are embracing the celebration with events happening throughout the airport, including each of the terminals. To make the most of the occasion, Manchester Airport has teamed up with Biza World Duty Free and Clinique, makers of Clinique Moisture Surge and many other world-leading cosmetics, to create a unique International Women’s Day experience. During the wonderful celebrations, you’ll be able to sample Clinique’s brand-new moisturiser range, Clinique iD. We believe International Women’s Day is the perfect celebration for this product because it reflects the diversity of women and their skin care needs.

Clinique iD

What is Clinique iD?

Clinique iD is Clinique’s must-have moisturiser range which allows you to quickly create a moisturiser that’s both of industry-leading quality and tailored perfectly to you. Clinique knows that women have different skincare needs and so they wanted to offer more than a single moisturiser, like the popular Clinique Moisture Surge. Whether you’re hoping to combat irritation, uneven texture, uneven skin tone, fatigue or lines and wrinkles, Clinique iD allows you to create a moisturiser that suits your needs.


How do you use Clinique iD?

Creating the perfect Clinique iD moisturiser for you is super-easy, in fact, it only takes two steps. First, you choose one of the three base solutions, each of which is formulated for different skin types. Second, choose and insert the cartridge to treat whichever skincare issue you want to combat and you’re all ready to go. Clinique UK’s specially designed nozzle even allows you to use both the base and the cartridge at the same time without diluting either solution to produce the perfect moisturiser with every pump.

Clinique iD

Why is Clinique releasing this product?

Clinique UK knows its customers are more skincare savvy than they have been in the past with the rise of beauty bloggers and makeup tutorials. It’s easier than ever for anyone to determine their skin type and the problems associated with it. With this new expertise, Clinique believes it’s time for you to take a more active role in your skin care to create a tailored routine that caters to your skin’s unique needs.


What are the active ingredients in the Clinique iD bases?

Unlike Clinique Moisture Surge, Clinique iD is customisable to your unique skin type which makes it much more effective. The first step towards creating a moisturiser that will work for you is finding the correct base from the Dramatically Different moisturiser range:

Clinique iD

What are the active ingredients in the Clinique iD cartridges?

Each Clinique iD cartridge features a specific active ingredient to combat a particular skincare issue, choosing the right one is the key to creating your ideal Clinique iD:

  • Irritation: This green cartridge uses Lactobacillus probiotic ferment which will give an instant feeling of relief when applied to irritated skin. After a week, it can visibly reduce irritation in an area and, after a full bottle’s usage, you can expect a reduction in skin redness.

  • Pores and Uneven Texture: This blue cartridge uses AHAs, a natural substance derived from cane sugar, milk and grapes, which acts as an instant polish for the skin after a single application. After a week, it will give skin a natural glow and, after you’ve finished an entire bottle, you’ll notice a general improvement in the texture of your skin.

  • Uneven Skin Tone: This white cartridge uses Japanese angelica root to give your skin a smooth brightness. You’ll notice a more even-toned appearance after a week and, once your bottle is finished, there should be a visible improvement towards a unified skin tone.

  • Fatigue: This orange cartridge uses taurine, a key organic compound, to help give tired-looking skin a renewed glow. After a week of use it will give your skin a more permanent energised look and, after a full use of the bottle, you’ll experience a reduction in the signs of fatigue.

  • Lines & Wrinkles: This purple cartridge uses whey protein to instantly smooth skin and re-plump to reduce the appearance of fine dry lines. After a full use of the bottle, you should notice a reduction in lines and wrinkles.


When will Clinique iD be launched?

The Clinique iD range was launched on the 1st of December in the biggest launch for the Clinique brand since 2010’s Even Better Clinical line. In fact, Manchester Airport has only begun stocking it very recently as the initial release was so popular. You can now buy the Clinique iD range through Manchester Airport’s Click and Collect service or in the terminals at the Biza World Duty Free stores.

Clinique iD

What makes Clinique iD the perfect product for International Women’s Day?

Every woman is different so celebrate what makes you and the special women in your life unique by buying a moisturiser that can be perfectly catered to any woman’s needs. Clinique iD takes the power away from beauticians and cosmetic companies to put it in your hands so you can make the skincare decisions that are right for you. No matter what your age or skin type Clinique iD’s 15 possible formulae allow you to make the selection that targets your specific needs and gain the confidence that every woman deserves.


Where can you try Clinique iD at Manchester Airport?

If you’re visiting Manchester Airport on International Women’s Day you can try Clinique iD both in the Clinique UK pop-up shops in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 as well as the Biza World Duty Free stores located within each of the terminals. Be sure to consult the Clinique iD experts on which formula will be the best for your skin and, if you’ve previously used Clinique Moisture Surge, how to make the change to Clinique iD.  Guests visiting before or after International Women’s Day will still be able to purchase Clinique iD at the Biza World Duty Free located within each of the terminals.

Clinique iD

Can I buy Clinique iD before I fly?

Yes, Manchester Airport operates an efficient click and collect service that allows you to buy your products online before flying without missing out on those spectacular World Duty Free savings. Simply place your order through our online store and you’ll be able to pick up your Clinique iD kit, as well as any other purchases, on your way to your flight. We’d recommend using our click and collect service if you’re travelling through the airport on International Women’s Day and would like a Clinique iD kit as the in terminal events are sure to have them flying off the shelves.


We hope all our guests enjoy the International Women’s Day celebrations at Manchester Airport and if you want to learn more about the event you can check out our articles about what’s happening at Manchester Airport for International Women’s Day, the history of International Woman’s Day and even what events are happening in Manchester during the celebration.

On behalf of Manchester Airport, we’d like to wish you a wonderful International Women’s Day.