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Tel Aviv

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About Tel Aviv

The second most populated city in Israel and the largest beach city in the country, Tel Aviv boasts an incredible combination of business, culture and leisure that’s irresistible to many tourists. The city skyline is iconic with a combination of monolithic skyscrapers and 1930s Bauhaus buildings, which hint at the city’s history as an expansion of the ancient port of Jaffa. If you’re looking for a more traditional holiday, the beach also features several resorts offering incredible accommodation for families. No matter what you’re looking for, Tel Aviv is the perfect holiday destination.

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Hotels in Tel Aviv

When looking for hotels in Tel Aviv it’s easy to feel spoilt for choice. The first thing you need to decide is whether you’d prefer a city hotel or a beach resort and whether you want to stay at an English-speaking hotel. If you’re looking for the best city experience, you should consider booking at the White Villa Tel Aviv which offers luxurious service in the centre of the city. Alternatively, if you want more of a beach experience you’ll want to book at the Yam Hotel Tel Aviv which sits a stone’s throw from the sand.

Shopping in Tel Aviv

With the influence of both the old port of Jaffa and modern businesses, Tel Aviv has a shopping experience to suit almost every taste. For a quintessential piece of Tel Aviv culture, the Jaffa Flea Market is the place to be as you’re surrounded by merchants bartering and haggling over their wares. Those in search of a western shopping mall can visit the labyrinthine Dizengoff Center, which twists and turns across the city centre – the Dizengoff Center has even created an app to help you work out where you are called ‘Easy Dizi’.

Food & Drink in Tel Aviv

While there are few foods that can be called the cuisine of Tel Aviv, it’s easy to find brilliant examples of the food of Israel. Visitors must try some Israeli hummus while they’re in the city as nothing beats its fresh taste. You can also find several delicious flavours of falafel, which is often sold by street vendors. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can also try Kanafeh which is a dessert made with a combination of thin pastry soaked in syrup and sweet cheese.

Events in Tel Aviv

As you would expect from any Israeli city, you can find plenty of religious festivities in Tel Aviv. However, the city also has a few unique traditions that are well worth seeing if you’re visiting at the right time:

Laila Levan

Tel Aviv’s white night festival, Laila Levan, is a night at the end of June where the city refuses to sleep and instead spends the darkest hours dancing, singing and lighting enough fireworks to fill the sky. It’s an incredible evening filled with brilliant performances and activities to get involved with.

Tel Aviv Night Run

Another event in the late hours, the Tel Aviv Night Run is a marathon across the city held throughout a night in mid-November. Participants carry glow sticks and wear fluorescent makeup creating a fantastic spectacle. Even if you’re not interested in athletics the Tel Aviv Night Run is well worth watching as each year the city finds a new way to make it even more exciting.

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Language:Hebrew, Arabic & English
Currency:Israeli Shekel
Time zone:GMT+2 hours
Flight time:5 hours 5 minutes
Airport code:TLV
Holiday type:Summer Sun / Beach

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