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About Sylhet

Natural Beauty Meets Urban Sprawl

Sylhet is a city unlike any other, caught between the personality of a tight-knit small town and the bombastic bustle of a city on the rise. With close ties to many British-Bangladeshi, Sylhet’s lean towards western culture makes the perfect base for anyone craving a taste of Bangladesh. Easily the city’s most iconic feature is the Surma River which runs, like a vein, throughout the city providing locals with respite from the stresses of the metropolis as well as a natural source of income for many fishing operations. It’s impossible to talk about Sylhet without mentioning tea, the city’s biggest export and an unmissable experience for visitors.

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Hotels in Sylhet

The unique benefit for British tourists in Sylhet is the exchange rate and low pricing. It’s possible to get service that would be out of reach in other parts of the world relatively cheap. Even the Sylhet’s only five-star hotel, the Roseview Hotel that towers over the city’s centre, offers rooms within the budget of most tourists. We recommend splashing out on a complete VIP experience at whichever hotel you settle on and upgrading your room beyond your normal choice of suite.

Shopping in Sylhet

Like with accommodation, shopping in Sylhet is inexpensive and the city has plenty to offer. Keepsakes and souvenirs run the gauntlet from thoughtful handmade crafts to the gaudy and even futuristic as almost anything can be found in the various malls and bazaars. The shops in the city centre and its various ‘shopping cities’ are the best places before moving further out of town.

Food & Drink in Sylhet

Sylhet falls in step with Bangladeshi cuisine offering many favourites including flavoursome fish curries, paratha flatbread and kacchi biryani. However, those who want something a little less traditional may want to consider the popular 3 course restaurants around the city centre for an evening meal. At lunch, visitors will also find plenty of fast food, including kebabs, chips and burgers. 

Events in Sylhet

Sylhet is a true example of Bangladeshi culture as every festival in the city is celebrated with breath-taking passion and energy. If you have the chance to visit the city during one of these momentous events make the most of it:

Shah Jalal’s Death Anniversary & Wood-Cutting Festival

A day dedicated to the life of the celebrated saint Shah Jalal, this festival sees devotees from across Bangladesh journey to the saint’s shire with displays of spiritual music and colourful parades. Around the time of the festival, a wood-cutting event is held in celebration of Shah Jalal.

Hason Festival

A celebration of one of the city’s largest districts, Sunamganj, the Hason festival is dedicated to Hason Raja, a beloved Bangladeshi folk singer, poet and performer. During the festival you will find performers of all kinds throughout the city, often delivering Raja’s most famous pieces.

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Language:Bengali, Sylheti
Currency:Bangladeshi taka
Time zone:BST (GMT +6)
Flight time:8 hours
Airport code:ZYL
Holiday type:Rural Break

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