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About Langkawi

With white sand beaches, tropical jungles and just over 100 islands, the Malaysian archipelago of Langkawi is the best destination you've never heard of. While you’re unlikely to visit all 104 islands in the archipelago, especially when 5 of them are only visible at certain times of the year, you will likely visit both the capital, also called Langkawi and the second largest island, Tuba. The island of Langkawi offers every convenience you’d expect from any American or European destination including sprawling shopping malls and luxury hotel complexes, while Tuba delivers a much more traditional Malaysian experience. If you're on the hunt for a unique holiday, Langkawi should be at the top of your list.

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Hotels in Langkawi

Accommodation on the island of Langkawi is similar to most western resorts with the only difference being that there are less big chains and more independently owned hotels. As Langkawi is still relatively unknown to most holidaymakers you’ll find that your money goes a lot further than it would in Thailand or other Malaysian destinations - so be sure to check out the top hotels when booking. Those in search of absolute luxury should book with the Dana Langkawi which combines a modern style with top-notch service to deliver flawless accommodation.

Shopping in Langkawi

Langkawi is a fantastic destination for a little retail therapy as the island has several huge shopping malls. If you’re looking for top retail brands then you should visit the Jetty Point Complex, a two-story shopping mall which boasts both global brands and local produce. Alternatively, you can snap up a bargain at the Teow Soon Huan Duty-free shopping centre, which offers cut-price deals on tobacco, alcohol and much more. If you want to buy some local souvenirs from resident craftsmen Temoyong Night Market is the best place to be, the market runs in Temoyong on a Thursday between 5 pm and 8 pm.

Food & Drink in Langkawi

If you love food then Malaysia is the right place to be and that holds true for Langkawi. While visiting the islands look out for Nasi Tomato, a vegetable dish which combines tomatoes and other spices with rice for a mouth-watering meal. Meat lovers should try the local curry, beef rendang which, while a little spicy, is incredibly flavoursome. And, like many island nations, you’ll also be able to find a handful of tasty fish dishes all over Langkawi, especially the local delicacy of Ikan Bakar – a grilled fish native to the island.

Events in Langkawi

Malaysia is well-known for its love of festivities and Langkawi is no different. While you’ll be able to find celebrations for most Malaysia holidays, as well as many Muslim and Christian festivals, the island has a few events that really make it come to life:

Langkawi International Water Festival

Celebrating the island’s rich history, the Langkawi International Water Festival is held every April and sees many locals compete in a range of fantastic water sports, including island-to-island kayak races and underwater treasure hunts. If you’re looking for a window into the island’s culture and history there are few better examples.

Independence Day

Celebrating the day that Malaysia won its freedom from the British, Independence Day in Malaysia is celebrated at the end of August and is one of the nation’s largest festivals. You can expect to see lots of fireworks and parades across Langkawi as well as performances from local artists and dancers.

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Language:Malay, English and Kedah Malay
Time zone:GMT+8
Flight time:11 hours 40 minutes
Airport code:LGK
Holiday type:Summer Sun

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