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About the Canary Islands

The sunshine escape of Europe

An archipelago of sunshine isles located off the north coast of Africa, providing an oasis of sun, sea and sand. The islands boast picturesque National Parks, spectacular scenery and endless beaches that are sure to take your breath away. You will never find yourself short an adventure, or hidden gem to discover with eight stunning islands to explore. Whether you’re in search of a family holiday or a romantic getaway, you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable getaway.

Step into an ancient forest, wander in the shadow of a volcano or gaze out to sea on the largest of the islands. Home to UNESCO heritage sites and a rugged landscape that lends itself to a plethora of activities from hiking to golfing, there is no end to the possibilities.

Disconnect from stress and stroll towards a hub of gastronomical delights, cultural attractions such as Teide National Park and the beauty of the biosphere. Immerse yourself in the historic villages, museums and landscape where you can step back from the rush of normal life and enjoy the sanctuary of a cultural retreat.

A getaway to Tenerife most certainly has all the makings of memorable moments, certain to be treasured long after you leave.

Sink your feet into kilometres of beautiful golden sand beaches and feel the crystal clear waves lap the shore. The sun-kissed isle lays claim to the title of the best beaches in the archipelago. The island also prides itself on the declaration from UNESCO of both Biosphere Reserve and Starlight Reserve.

For curious palaeologists, there is a rich fossil record and the around fifty sites of global importance. The rich and diverse landscape creates a foundation of an exciting adventure holiday, with plenty of activities from wind-surfing to rock climbing, or even off-road excursions.

This beautiful island is sure to amaze you, regardless of what holiday you’re after.

An island of contrasts, and widely known as a ‘mini-continent’ due the vast richness the landscape, from marvellous dune beaches to exotic forests and even volcanic craters. You can be blown away by the rolling mountainous ranges such as Artenara where the immensity of the region reaches its peak.

The cosmopolitan areas such as the capital of Las Palmas, mean the island also comes alive at night as well, with popular bars and restaurants. You can also take a step back into simpler times with picturesque villages, that thrive on living life at a quieter pace. In these hamlets you can fish, wander the markets and detach from the hurriedness of modern life.

For anyone looking for a holiday where the sky is the limit on what you can do or see, then Gran Canaria will be a sure-fire success.

beach with deck chairs over looking the sea in lanzarote

Surround yourself with rolling mountains, volcanic cones and, unusual black sand beaches in the most eastern the Canary Islands. The lunar landscape of Lanzarote means that the island is covered in volcanoes of all different shapes and sizes, and have formed the topography of the island, including the longest volcanic tunnel in the world.

The artistic influence of César Manrique ensured that the island has evolved in tune with the surroundings, securing sustainability and preserving tradition. César’s vision entwined nature and infrastructure. The unique backdrop provides exceptional experiences, such as dining, swimming and watching theatre in an intricate open cave structure.

Every moment of a holiday in Lanzarote is sure to de defined by the uncommon volcanic environment, alongside the gift of endless sunshine and warm hospitality.

treelined hillsides in La Palma

Lose yourself in the depths of a lush forest, lay back and admire the heavens with shooting stars, or wander along the sand laden beaches on ‘La Isla Bonita’.

You will discover three marine reserves around the island, with an underwater volcanic sanctuary teeming with caves and arches, all home to many rare species. Follow the wonderous trails through the myriad of different landscapes, from forest ravines to coastal cliffs. You can also take a step into the clouds with some of the most spectacular views in the Canary Islands. Bear witness to the world at your feet as a sea of clouds tumble soundlessly down the steep hillside. La Palma is ideal for those seeking a more rural holiday, where walking and sustainable tourism is at the heart of the island.

Regardless of whether you want to escape to an island untouched by modern day stress or walk through along the trails of an extraordinary landscape, La Palma is an incomparable destination.

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Airport code:TFS/FUE/LPA/ACE/SPC
Holiday type:Beach / Summer Sun / Winter Sun

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