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Sponsoring the Arts

Manchester Airports Group is committed to investing in the arts.

Manchester Airports Group is committed to enriching the arts and culture in the regions in which it operates. We believe that a thriving theatre and arts scene helps support inbound tourism and inward investment.

Since the arts sponsorship programme began, more than £8 million has been allocated to arts sponsorship projects. Our approach has been to support a range of schemes - from high profile organisations to smaller community initiatives - and to promote art forms to those who would not normally have access to them.

Guidelines for sponsorship applications

When drawing up your proposal for arts sponsorship funding, please bear in mind the following guidelines, which have been created to help focus your application:

  • Your proposal should be relevant to at least one of the areas served by our airports, including the North West of England, Essex, and the East Midlands.
  • In line with our policy of contributing to our local communities, arts organisations based in / touring in our operational areas generally (though not always) have priority over other applicants.
  • We will also consider applications from arts organisations based elsewhere in the UK for projects; touring the areas served by our airports.
  • We particularly welcome applications from projects or organisations that encourage community-wide access to the arts or have outreach programmes. We also encourage projects with an international flavour.
  • We do not sponsor individuals, capital projects, or projects in the education or health services.

Deadline for applications

All applications must be received by 31 December to be considered for sponsorship in the following year.

All applications must be submitted online using this form. This is to ensure consistency, when applications for sponsorship are assessed. Should you wish to send in additional information in support of your application you are welcome to do so, however please be advised that the application form will be the main information which we will review.

Click here to submit your application.

If you have any questions please contact