Escape Lounge Terms and Conditions

Manchester Airport plc Terms and Conditions for Passenger use of Escape Lounges

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Terms and Conditions for passenger use of Escape Lounge


These Terms explain how you make, amend or cancel a booking for the Escape Lounge. In addition, they set out the basis on which you are permitted to use the Escape Lounge.

The Escape Lounge is operated by the Company and these Terms are between you and the Company. By making a Booking and/or entering the Escape Lounge, you agree to be bound by these Terms. For corporate bookings, the corporate body responsible for the booking also agrees to be bound by these Terms.

Please note that if you have made your Booking via a Sales Agent, additional terms may apply. Please speak to your Sales Agent for further details. Should you have any questions in relation to these Terms, please contact the Company on the details below or speak to a member of the Escape Lounge staff.


“Airport” means relevant airport booked – Manchester Airport, East Midlands Airport or Stansted Airport

“Booking” means a booking for entry into the Escape Lounge in accordance with these Terms

“Sales Agent” means any third party Sales Agent appointed by the Company

“Cancellation Policy” means the cancellation policy set out in paragraph 3 of these Terms

"Adult" means guests aged from 16+ years

“Child” means guests aged from 3 to 15 years

“Infant” means guests aged from 0 to 2 years

“Company” and “we” and “us” means MAG

“Entry Price” means the charges stated by the Company at the time of booking and payable by you for entry into the Escape Lounge, including where applicable the Premium Charge

“Escape Lounge” or ‘Lounge” means the bespoke Escape Lounge waiting area within the Airport

“Facilities” means the following (including but not limited to) a range of alcoholic and soft drinks, tea and coffee, a choice of hot and cold food, a range of magazines and newspapers and Wi-Fi services but excluding the Premium Facilities unless you have paid the Premium Charge

“Guest(s)” and “you” and “your” means a passenger permitted access to the Lounge in accordance with a booking and these Terms and/or, where the context permits, a corporate body responsible for a corporate booking on behalf of a passenger

“Premium Charge” means the charge payable by you in addition to the Entry Price to entitle you access to the Premium Facilities, such additional charge to be as stated at the time of booking or entry in the Lounge

“Premium Facilities” means the wider selection of food and beverage items made available to those Guests who pay the Premium Charge

“Standard Walk up rate” means the standard entry rate charged on the day

“Terms” mean these terms and conditions, as updated by the Company from time to time

1. Booking and Confirmation

1.1.  Bookings can be made by persons aged 18 years or over.

1.2.  You are entering into a contract with the relevant Airport for the lounge product at that Airport (or in the vicinity of that Airport) as described on the website for the dates and times confirmed in the online booking process and set out in your booking confirmation. The date of the contract is the date of confirmation of the booking by email. Your booking is only valid for the designated lounge and is terminal specific.   Access to an alternative lounge other than that booked will be charged at the Standard Walk Up Rate, subject to availability and no refund will be given.

1.3.  Bookings must be made at least 24 hours prior to your arrival time at the relevant Airport. All Lounge bookings are subject to availability and the Airport reserves the right to withdraw availability at its entire discretion for a given date.

1.4.  When you book a Lounge via our websites you will be given a unique booking reference number, you will need this if you want to make any changes to your booking.

1.5.  You must not resell or transfer any booking (in whole or in part).

1.6.  The price you pay is the price accepted and confirmed to you during the online or phone booking process. All prices are in pounds sterling and include Value Added Tax and all applicable taxes.

1.7.  The price you pay is fixed for the duration of your stay in the Lounge. The booking is valid for a single Lounge entry.

2. Groups of 5 or more

2.1.  Groups of 5 or more planning to use the Lounge must receive prior authorisation before booking, you can do this by phoning the contact centre (+0808 169 7030). Failure to do so will result in access to the Lounge being denied and no refunds will be given. Please note that separate bookings forming a group larger than 5 people will be refused access to the Lounge and no refunds will be given.

2.2.  Whilst we will endeavour to do so, we cannot guarantee that groups will always be able to sit together due to capacities within the Lounge.

2.3.  Authorised Group Bookings made in accordance with Clause 2.1 will be confirmed by the Company or the relevant Sales Agent via email or by provision of a booking reference number.

3. Children

3.1.  Our Escape lounges are designed to provide a relaxing environment for our guests. Well-behaved children are permitted to use the Lounges and must be accompanied by a guest over the age of 18 at all times.

3.2.  The Entry Price will apply to children of 24 months and over Children of less than 24 will not be charged but the lounge must be notified of infants to ensure access

3.3.  Proof of age may be required at the point of entry.

3.4.  There is a maximum number of 3 children or Infants per Booking.

3.5.  We do not provide specific children’s activities and children must not be left unattended at any time whilst in the lounge, including being accompanied to the food and beverage stations.

3.6.  Excessive noise or disruption may result in guests being asked to leave the lounge.

4. Amendments or Cancellation

4.1.  Where you have booked your Lounge with us (rather than a sales agent), you can cancel the contract by giving us at least 24 hours’ notice prior to the Lounge arrival time and date. Any bookings cancelled within 24 hours of the lounge arrival date will not be refunded.

4.2. Where you are permitted to cancel a booking a £7.50 administration charge will be levied and deducted from the refunded amount, unless Cancellation Protection insurance has been purchased. Cancellation Protection Insurance is charged at the price advertised when you book your lounge and is non-refundable.

4.3.  In the event of any problems, you may alternatively cancel by phoning our Customer Contact Centre on the freephone numbers shown here. Lines for amendments and cancellations are open 9am to 5pm - Monday to Friday, and 9am to 3pm Saturday and Sunday.

4.4.  Bookings made less than 24 hours before departure cannot be cancelled and are non-refundable.

4.5.  The lounge booking is valid only for the specific lounge detailed on the booking confirmation. Should you make a booking for the wrong lounge and advise us 24 hours’ prior to lounge arrival we will amend to the correct lounge and charge or refund you (as appropriate) you any price difference between the lounge originally booked and the correct lounge, if space permits, or cancel and refund the booking. If less than 24 hours’ notice is given no refunds will be issued.

4.6.  If the Airport cancels your booking for a reason within its direct control and not due to an event beyond the Airport’s control (see Section 6 below) then the Airport will refund the amount it has received

4.7.  We may cancel the booking:-

4.7.1. on immediate written notice to you in the event that any monies due and payable under these Terms (whether demanded or not) have not been paid to us in accordance with the payment details; or

4.7.2. if the Booking might, in our opinion, prejudice our reputation

4.7.3. should it be required to do so to undertake lounge refurbishment etc.

4.8.  If you do not give the required advance notice as stated, no refund will be given.

5. Arrival/Departure

5.1.  Standard Entry: Your Booking entitles you to a single visit in the Escape Lounge of up to 3 hours from the booked time of arrival at the Lounge.

1 Hour Entry: Your Booking entitles you to a single visit in the Escape Lounge of up to 1 hour from the booked time of arrival at the Lounge.

5.2.  The Facilities are available from the actual time reserved in your Booking and are subject to availability.

5.3.  If a flight is delayed and you wish to remain in the Lounge, subject to availability in the lounge you may be able to stay and will be required to pay an additional Entry Price. If there is insufficient capacity for us to offer this option we will have the authority to request you leave the Lounge.

5.4.  To ensure that we provide the highest levels of service, we reserve the right to refuse entry to any person, at any time, for any reason deemed appropriate by us, including (but not exclusively):

5.4.1.     Lounge capacity limitations

5.4.2.     intoxication,

5.4.3.     unacceptable verbal or physical actions towards any staff member

5.4.4.     any conduct that we consider would offend or disturb other Guests.

5.5.  Flights announcements are not routinely made and it is your responsibility to ensure that you depart the lounge with adequate time to reach your departure date.

6.    Charges and Payment

6.1.  You shall pay the Entry Price in full prior to entering the Lounge.

6.2.  All Entry Prices and Premium Charges are subject to sales tax and/or VAT at the current.

7. Use of the Lounge

7.1.  Entry into the Lounge entitles you to access the Facilities available.

7.2.  Guests under the age of 18 are not permitted to consume alcohol whilst in the Lounge. As proof of age may be required to be shown to Lounge staff members upon request, Guests are advised to bring identification into the Lounge.

7.3.  The lounge is a quiet and calm environment for people to use prior to their flight. Any behaviour we deem to disturb this environment and other guests will not be tolerated (including shouting, running and playing music). Any behaviour we deem to be disrupting the environment of the lounge may result in guests being asked to leave the lounge and no refund will be provided.

7.4.  No abuse of our staff will be tolerated. Any behaviour deemed aggressive or abusive towards our team will result in the police being called and may result in boarding being denied and in prosecution. Guests will be asked to leave the lounge and no refund will be provided.

7.5.  We require that Guests drink sensibly and avoid drinking to excess. The Company accepts no liability for Guests drinking to excess in the Lounge but retains the right to limit alcohol consumption to ensure no Guest becomes intoxicated prior to flying.

7.6.  It is the sole responsibility of the Guest to ensure that they are fit for their flight following consumption of the Facilities and that they meet the requirements of the relevant airline for their flight.

7.7.  You or your party must not bring food or drinks into the Lounge for consumption within the Lounge,

7.8.  You must not remove any food or drink provided for guests for consumption within the lounge from the lounge.  Any attempt to do so will be deemed theft and will be referred to the police for further action. This may result boarding being denied and in prosecution.

7.8.1. Each Guest agrees as follows:- to use the Facilities in accordance with these Terms;

7.8.2. to be jointly and severally responsible for all the obligations contained in these Terms;

7.8.3. not to bring animals or pets of any kind, except service dogs, into the Lounge;

7.9. to reimburse us the costs of repairing any damage to our Lounge caused by you or any of your Guests. The Company reserves the right to levy additional charges on you (including any corporate body booking on behalf of a Guest) if the conduct of you or any Guests in your party results in the Lounge (or any part thereof including but not limited to the toilets, cloakrooms or common areas) suffering damage, mistreatment and/or abuse which requires the Company to incur additional expense in order to remedy or rectify the same e.g. spoilage charges, damage to Lounge property, etc.; be responsible for their own behaviour. And adhere to the standard documented within this agreement; comply with any specific requests relating to Lounge or Airport safety and security; comply with all reasonable directions, instructions or orders given or issued by the Lounge staff or the Airport, whether verbally or in writing.

7.10. While we may display flight information we have no responsibility to inform you of flight information or changes to flights, and we are not responsible for you or any other Guest attending the Lounge with you, missing a flight or flights.

7.11. The Company shall use its reasonable endeavours to provide the Facilities during the hours advertised, but reserves the right to vary the hours of operation or close the Lounge for refurbishment, relocation etc. in which case an alternative lounge will be provided or Entry Prices refunded.

7.12. The Company shall use reasonable endeavours to ensure a suitable environment is maintained in the Lounge including keeping the Lounge clean and tidy and ensuring Lounge staff are available

8. Dress code

8.1.  We reserve the right to refuse admission to any person dressed in a way that might be deemed inappropriate.

8.2.  The Lounge dress code is smart/casual and we request that our guests dress appropriately for their visit. We do not allow certain items of clothing, including, but not limited to: (i) replica sports kits or items with team names and logos, (ii) clothing with slogans or motifs that may cause offence, (iii) caps or hats, (iv) fancy dress, (v) clothing that exposes your midriff or upper thighs, (vi) gentlemen's shoulders must be covered at all times and (vii) guests may not be permitted to enter the Lounge whilst using hair rollers. We reserve the right to refuse entry to the Lounge to anyone breaching these Terms and Conditions or wearing clothing we deem to be unsuitable and we will not be required to refund you.

9. Liability

9.1.  You are advised to keep all personal belongings with you at all times. In no circumstances will the Company accept any responsibility for the loss or damage to any property belonging to you or any other Guest attending the Lounge with you.

9.2. You are advised that any lost property found in the Lounge will be passed to a third party for storage and safe keeping, accordingly you will be charged a fee to retrieve it. Further details about lost property and lost luggage can be found here

9.3.  The Company accepts no liability for any direct loss of profits, loss of opportunity, loss of revenue or any indirect, special or consequential loss incurred by any Guest, except for loss arising from death or personal injury caused by the Company’s negligence or any other loss which can’t be excluded by law.

10. Force Majeure

10.1. If, by reason of operational requirements by us or any order imposed on us by the Department for Transport or any force majeure event or occurrence, (including but not limited to fire, tempest, explosion of any kind, failure or neglect on the part of any utility supplying electricity, gas or water, labour strike, civil commotion, war, fire or explosion or any other event beyond the control of us), we are prevented, or anticipate that we will be prevented or hindered, from fulfilling the substance of our obligations under these Terms, then we shall use reasonable endeavours to ensure that you are aware of the occurrence of any such event and we shall be entitled at any time, so long as such cause still subsists, to cancel your Booking upon notice.

10.2. In the event of cancellation pursuant to this paragraph:

10.3. we shall be under no liability to you for any loss which you or your group may sustain in consequence of any such cancellation;

10.4. you shall in the event of cancellation be under no liability to us in respect of your future obligations.

11. Data Protection

11.1. Please see the Company website for the terms of our Privacy statement.

12. Personal information provided to the Company, the Company’s partners (including the Sales Agents) and agents, including via the Booking website, will be used by each of those parties and the Company’s group companies respectively for the purpose of providing you with Escape Lounge offers, a loyalty scheme for the Company’s products and services and confirmation of your booking. You agree by making a Booking to the use of your personal information (including your e-mail address) in accordance with this paragraph. In addition, it may be used for research and statistical analysis.

13.  General

13.1. Written notice shall include notices given by us via email.

13.2. These Terms represent the entire understanding of the parties and supersedes all previous statements whether written or oral.

13.3. These Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and you irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts in connection with any dispute relating to these Terms or the subject matter of these Terms.

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