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Meet the Security Team

Meet Jon and Emma, Technical Trainers in Security, and read more about their journeys at MAG

Jon O’Brien – Security Technical Trainer

Jon – Security Technical Trainer

Spring 2013 - I came to the airport in spring 2013 looking for a new challenge and to build a career in a different transport sector. I started with the Customer Transport Team on a temp summer contract, this was a busy role with plenty of passenger interaction!

October 2013 -  I applied to join the Hold Baggage Screening Security Team in T1 &T3 and was successful. This role was my first experience of the security teams here at Manchester and I was hooked.

January 2015  - I was thrilled to gain an offer for the Security Team Manager role over in T2, this role was a massive but interesting learning curve for me.  During my time in this role, I was lucky enough to gain some ‘off shift’ development time in which I oversaw the embedding of tray loaders on T2. This exposed me to the Training team and shortly after a position became available.

July 2016 - I joined the Security Training Team, where I still am now. The role is demanding and rewarding and often requires challenges that need overcoming, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Who knows where my next role may be, but all I can say to anyone thinking of joining the security teams here at Manchester is to go for it, work hard, learn every day and you can definitely progress.


Emma - Security Technical Trainer

I started at MAG 21 years ago as an Airport Security Officer (ASO), I originally came to work at the airport for 6 months after completing my A levels to decide what I wanted to do and never left!

5 years later I then moved into a Security Team Manager (STM) position. I was an STM for 12 years before moving to training 4 years ago.

I enjoy training, seeing people develop and helping give them the skills they need to be a competent Airport Security Officer/Security Performance Leader or Security Team Manager.

I currently build the majority of the material we deliver which is probably my favourite part of the role, but at the same time the most challenging. As we work in an environment where there can be changes in legislation, we need to continuously review and adapt the training material and deliver to colleagues across the operation.

If you are hardworking, want to do a good job, can adapt to change and want to work in a busy environment, I would encourage you to apply for an ASO role. It is a rewarding job knowing you make the travel industry a safer place.