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Meet our Operations Support Manager

Meet Louise and find out about her role at Manchester Airport.


Louise Atkinson, Operations Support Manager – Customer Transport

I started my career in the British Army as a Royal Engineer, I specialised in bomb disposal and mine warfare whilst also holding a trade as a Geographic Technician. From the Army I moved to driving buses!  I always aspired to work at Manchester Airport and I achieved my dream when I started working at the Airport in Customer Transport.

I moved up from driver to allocator and whilst carrying out allocation duties I also assisted as a Customer Transport Manager during shortfalls. I am now working as an Operational Support Manager and assist the Head of Department and Management team in delivering a successful operation; this includes monitoring and analysing our current systems to check they are effective and working out a strategy for improving if necessary.

assist managing the day to day activities, I analyse statistics and write reports and procedures required for the operation. I liaise directly with team members and also act as a conduit between different departments providing important feedback and communication. I present findings to the Head of Department as well as track and measure performance. My other duties and responsibilities include: Planning and controlling change, employee engagement, researching alternative methods of efficiency, assist with managing costs and ensuring the role is pivotal to the growth and success of our department.   

April 2013 - Joined MAG as a Bus Driver

May 2014 – stepped up to be a temporary Customer Transport Manager

June 2014 – became an Airside Allocator

Jan 2016 – started in a development role as Operations Support Manager

April 2018 – Became permanent in the Operation Support Manager role

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