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A day in the life of...a Meet & Greet driver

Finding out more about Steve in the Meet and Greet team, who gives us an insight into his role.

Meet & Greet driver

What’s your MAG story?

I’ve been working as a Meet and Greet Driver since October 2016. I started on a part time annualised hours contract, which really worked for me, as I had no other commitments and could be flexible. After about a year on annualised hours, I was offered a full-time position. Since then, I’ve been trained on different aspects of the role such as operating the reception desk, key controlling, yard work etc. I love that the job is varied and that the team I work with are so supportive.

What does a typical shift look like?

If I start at 4am, I would look at the numbers to get a feel for how many cars are due in that day. I could then take the vans out or be allocated the task of moving the pool of cars and bringing others back from the storage location. We have targets to meet, which gives me something to aim towards and drives me to challenge myself to exceed them. After that I could spend an hour or two on reception or supporting with key controlling. The role can be very mixed and the Meet and Greet Operation has a great structure.

What do you love most about your current role?

There are lots of things I love about my Meet and Greet Driver role. I especially enjoy meeting and greeting the customers and making them feel welcome. I want them to know that looking after their car is important to me. I also try to build a rapport with them, for example I have travelled a lot myself, so I will try to make recommendations for them to visit whilst they’re away. I work in a fantastic team, who have varied employment backgrounds so it’s a great mix of people. The management team are very supportive too! We get frequent reviews and feedback on our performance ensuring that we are performing to the best of our ability. During these reviews we will also discuss development opportunities whether that would be looking at a placement or being trained on a different area.

Are there any challenges as a Meet and Greet Driver?

I’d say the shift patterns – if you are looking for a 9-5 then this isn’t the right contract for you. However, if you’re flexible, customer focused and love working with a great team then you need to apply.

What first attracted you to become an employee with MAG?

I’m not going to beat around the bush, but the rate of pay is great for the role we do. You can also earn some extra cash if you do overtime. I also liked the fact MAG are an equal opportunities employer – this makes the company socially aware. They have policy’s in place that protect their employees and offer sick pay (something I did not receive when I ran my own business). All these qualities really make me feel valued and cared for by MAG. I feel I can easily approach my manager. The company values your input and will act upon it as best as they can!

What advice would you give to someone thinking about joining the Meet and Greet Team?

Just work hard and you will be rewarded. I’ve never been in a role where I have the freedom and trust to work on my own. If you are going to invest your time with a company then make sure it’s MAG because they will invest their time in you!

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