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Personal, Premium, Discreet.

From luxury lounges with airfield views and menus crafted using the finest local produce, to private security screening and personal service throughout, PremiAir promises an unrivalled travel experience - right down to luxury transfers across the airfield.

Located at Manchester Airport and arriving mid 2019, PremiAir offers business and leisure travellers alike the ultimate start to their journey, no private jet required.

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PremiAir Departures

The ultimate start to your journey. Choose our Priority package, which offers the fastest and most efficient way to depart from Manchester, or relax and dine in our elegant lounge with our Premium offering, before boarding a luxury, private transfer to your aircraft.

Arriving Mid 2019.


PremiAir Arrivals

Enjoy a truly effortless arrival into Manchester. From your luxury, private transfer to passport control and the opportunity to relax in our exclusive lounge while your luggage is personally returned to you, PremiAir offers you the optimum start to your onward journey.

Arriving Mid 2019.

“This Is Manchester,
We Do Things Differently Here”

- Tony Wilson