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Travel and Public Transport

General travel and public transport information for those requiring extra assistance.

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Travel and Public Transport 

You are able to get to Manchester Airport by car, train, Metrolink, bus or coach. There are a number of Assistance Points which are located at all Terminal Entry/Exit points as well as within our car parks to ensure that assistance can be provided if required.


From Tuesday 10 July 2018, Manchester Airport is introducing a tariff for dropping off outside the terminal.

Passengers who hold a valid blue badge will be able to access the forecourt areas, free of charge, for drop-off only. To avail of this service, the travelling passenger must produce their blue badge to the traffic marshals when entering the forecourt area.

Blue badge holders who drive onto the forecourts to drop off passengers who do not hold a blue badge themselves, will be charged at the normal rate. The charge for this is £3 for five minutes and £4 for 10 minutes.

There is a help point in the free drop-off location within JetParks1 for anybody wishing to use this facility and in need of assistance, or for those who have booked assistance but don’t have a blue badge and would like to drop-off free of charge.

Disabled parking spaces are available in all car parks at Manchester Airport. Parking charges do apply.

A fully accessible bus service will transfer you to and from the Long Stay & JetParks Car Parks. Help button facilities are located at entrance and exit barriers and also at pay stations.

Further information can be found by clicking here.


A large number of coach services operate daily from The Station at Manchester Airport, the integrated transport hub, linking Manchester Airport with our region and other major UK cities.

National Express, the UK's largest operator of scheduled coach services and operates at Manchester Airport. National Express offer low fares and have great offers if you book in advance. Destinations include: Birmingham, Liverpool, London, Edinburgh and Glasgow. See how Manchester Airport links with the (National Express) national coach network.

Disabled Traveller information for National Express can be found by clicking here.


Manchester Airport is well served by a network of local and regional buses running daily from early morning to late night, including weekends and bank holidays. There is now a 24 hour bus service operating to/from Manchester Airport local bus network.


Metrolink is Greater Manchester’s tram system and connects passengers with destinations right across the city. To catch a flight from the airport, or if you are visiting for any other reason, it couldn’t be any easier to use Metrolink as the stop is right inside the airport itself- adjacent to the rail platform. For arrivals, whatever your final destination you should be able to access it from one of the 92 stops.

Information for passengers with disabilities can be found by clicking here.

Special Assistance Points:



T1 MSCP Level 7 (West)
T1 Level 5 Door 2
T1 Level 5 Door 3
T1 Tower Road
T1 Surface Arrivals


T2 Departure Door 1
T2 Departure Door 2
T2 Arrivals Door 1
T2 Arrivals Door 2
T2 Palma Avenue
T2 MSCP Level B
T2 MSCP Level C
T2 MSCP Level D


T3 Dep Door 1
T3 Dep Door 2
T3 Dep Door 4
T3 MSCP Level 1
T3 MSCP Level 3
T3 MSCP Level 5

GTI & D/O  

Station Ground Level
Station Mezz Level
Bus Station
Free Drop Off