Greater Manchester Police and Project Servator

Project Servator involves intelligence-led unpredictable police deployments designed to disrupt, deter and detect a range of criminality

About Project Servator

These deployments can occur across the Airport at any time, night or day and include a range of visible and less visible tactics, such as uniformed police officers, plain-clothed officers, armed officers, vehicle checkpoints, CCTV and other policing assets such as dogs - so don’t be surprised if you see them!

The Servator team regularly works with staff and businesses around the airport so they know what to be on the lookout for and how to report anything suspicious.

The security of passengers and staff is of paramount importance so feel free to have a chat to any officers you see so they can explain what they are doing to keep everyone safe and secure at all times.

In addition, Greater Manchester Police works in partnership with British Transport Police to run joint Project Servator developments, so you may come across these on your journey to or from the Airport. For further information visit their website, or follow the Airport policing team on social media - @GMPMcrAirport