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Everything you need to know about your Emirates flight from Manchester Airport

Emirates departures run from Terminal 1

Emirates Check In

The Emirates Check-In desk can be found in the landside T1 Departure Hall and can be easily reached from all carparks and transport options via either the skylink walkways or the large double doors at the front of the Departure Hall.

Emirates Baggage Allowance

While there’s no limit to the number of bags you can bring on an Emirates flight, no bag may weigh more than 32kg and the total weight of all your baggage may not exceed the limit of your ticket type. We advise that you check the allowances associated with your booking before you fly.

Emirates Passenger Amenities

While awaiting your flight in Terminal 1 there are many amenities available to Emirates customers including a selection of fantastic restaurants, shops and lounges. All of these amenities can be booked before your flight, with many offering deals to those who avoid paying on the day.

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Why Fly Emirates?

Emirates run 3 flights a day from Manchester airport on the A380, the world’s biggest commercial aeroplane featuring a bar area, private suites and even a spa. All Emirates flights are world-renowned for their high-quality service and wide range of entertainment options.