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British Airways

Everything you need to know about your British Airways flight from Manchester Airport

British Airways departures run from Terminal 1

British Airways Check In

Located in the landside T1 Departure Hall and can be easily reached from all carparks and transport options via either the skylink walkways or the large double doors at the front of the Departure Hall.

British Airways Baggage Allowance

British Airways allowances vary depending on the type of ticket you have with them, however, the weight limit you’re allowed can’t be split across multiple bags and must consist of items that fit within the allowance shown on your ticket. We recommend checking what allowances are relevant to you and your family before your flight. 

British Airways Passenger Amenities

Guests waiting for their British Airways flight in Terminal 1 will discover plenty of amenities including a spectacular selection of shops, restaurants and lounges. With many services offering deals to those who avoid paying on the day, it can pay to book ahead.

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Why Fly British Airways?

An aviation titan, British Airways pride themselves on offering an exceptional travel experience filled with small touches that will make for a smooth and unique journey. The airline has been working with Manchester airport since its founding with multiple services running every day.

British Airways Partner Airlines

British Airways is part of Oneworld airline alliance. Partner airlines operating from Manchester Airport include Qatar Airways, Cathay Pacific, AA, Finnair and Iberia Express.